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Search Engine is a web-application developed in Python scripting language. The main aim of the project is to develop an excellent searching platform on internet. The implementation of the project reduces the effort to search the required information on web. The searching mechanism of proposed search engine is similar to the popular search engines Google, Bing,, etc. to some extent.

You can download the full source code of the project from the download links given in the post. The project documentation, report and presentation file are not available for download at this moment. So, below I have briefly described the features and scopes of this project; you can refer this description as project synopsis.

Download Search Engine Project in Python with Source Code


Download Search Engine Project in Python with Source Code


About Search Engine App in Python:

Search Engine Project in Python

While working in office or studying in class, one needs to search a number of relevant information and data. There are various traditional ways of looking for required information such as asking some experts, turning the pages of books, etc. But, these methods are obviously tedious, time consuming and uneconomical. In order to overcome these drawbacks of traditional searching procedures, the concept of web search engines has been developed.

Nowadays, millions of websites and blogs are developed in internet and everyday each website is sharing a huge amount of knowledge, information and data. It is not possible to look for the required data in each of the websites by manually inputting the URL address. That is why, with the development of websites, the search engines such Google, Bing, Yahoo! search,, etc. are developed.

How does this Search Engine work?

In order to provide the best service to the users, the proposed Search Engine Python Project uses modern software technologies algorithms such as search engine optimization technique, page ranking, indexing and web crawling. The result displayed by the proposed search engine is distinct and unique.

Whenever a keyword is searched using this Search Engine application, a number of web links is indexed. The data in the indexed links are analyzed by storing in database and a page rank is given to each web page. Then, the web page containing the best match to the key word is displayed in the first position of the result page along with the meta-description.


The key features of Search Engine app in Python are:

  • It looks for the relevant information based on the keyword entered by user.
  • The search engine gives the best result by analyzing the page ranks.
  • It uses the features such as web crawling, indexing, page ranking etc. to give the accurate and fast result.
  • It can be accessed from all the geographic location, provided there is internet service.
  • The project resembles famous search engines Google and Bing to a fair extent.

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To sum it up, Search Engine Project in Python is an excellent web searching platform. It gives fast, accurate and efficient result with the implementation of modern searching algorithms. The fast growing use of internet confirms the good future and scope of the proposed project.


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