Internet Usage Monitoring System Python Project


Internet Usage Monitoring System is a utility application for monitoring internet usage in Linux system, developed in Python scripting language. The project mainly focuses at the accurate measurement of different factor of internet such as its usage volume, internet speed, etc. The software serves a meter to measure the internet. It can be used by internet service providers or the internet users to examine quality of their internet.

Below, I have briefly described the project along with its salient features. You can download the full source code of this Internet Usage Monitoring System in Python from the download links given in the post. The project can be used as a semester project or as a reference to develop any other similar software in Python.

Download Internet Usage Monitoring System Python Project with Source Code


Download Internet Usage Monitoring System Python Project with Source Code


About Internet Usage Monitoring System:

Internet Usage Monitoring System Project in Python

Internet Usage Monitoring System is for measuring the different components and features of internet. The implementation of this monitoring system confirms the quality of internet provided by certain company. The results of this system such as internet speed, cost of data transfer etc. are the basis of choosing a certain internet provider.

Large numbers of internet provider companies are established in different territories of the globe. The growing number of internet companies has created a kind of competition among themselves. In order to attract the users, each company launches new and genuine features. And, these features can be measured and compared by using Internet Usage Monitoring System Software.

An internet service provider is responsible for any interruption of service and fluctuation in internet speed. That is why, a continuous monitoring of all distributed internet system is essential for an internet provider company. It helps in providing a continuous and uniform service to its customers.

Windows, being most widely used operating system, there are many application developed to measure the internet quality. But, only a very few software are available to monitor and measure the internet features in Linux system. The proposed Internet Usage Monitoring System is designed to work in Linux System to measure the internet speed, volume of data downloaded and uploaded etc.


  • The system efficiently observes the whole internet system of a service provider company. It can also be used by a user to check internet quality supplied to his/her computer.
  • It checks the speed status of internet. The system notifies the service provider about fluctuation in the browsing speed of internet.
  • The upload and download speed of data in Linux system can be checked by implementation of proposed system.
  • The application is coded in Python Scripting Language to work on Linux System.

The project is very much useful for professional engineers as well as the students who are seeking Linux Project with the use of scripting concept. Further, the application generated by this project can be used by every internet user as a tool to measure the quality of internet. The proposed Internet Usage Monitoring System is a concrete component of internet networking in Linux System.

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To sum it up, the Internet Usage Monitoring System is a service motive utility application developed in Python scripting language. The system serve as a measuring to tool for service providers and customers to check the different features and components of internet. The growing number of internet provider companies confirms the good future and scope of a project like this.


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