Chat Room PHP Project


With the development of technology, the communication techniques are becoming more enhanced in terms of efficiency, speed and economy. Today, chatting has been the most widely used means of communication being cheap and faster than all other communication systems. It is equally good for sending messages as well as files – documents and pictures.

This Chat Room application in PHP is an online chat system developed using MySQL database. This application resembles currently popular instant messaging systems such as Yahoo and Facebook to some extent.

The project aims at facilitating instant messaging operation among the online users. All the necessary project files including source code, sound files and images of this Chat Room system using PHP can be accessed from the download link.

Download Chat Room PHP Project with Source Code


Download Chat Room PHP Project with Source Code


Chat Room Project Abstract:

Chat Room Project in PHP

The following features of the project has made it more reliable and effective online chatting software.

  1. Like the other chat room softwares, it includes features to add other people as friends, to delete one’s friend list and refresh the friend list.
  2. Users can see the online or offline status of their friends.
  3. This project provides a feature to send smileys for different emotions like in Facebook, Skype, etc.
  4. The chatting software shows the green light for online users and the red light for offline users.
  5. Online user searching facility is available in this application.
  6. In order to make the chatting more realistic, the software produces a beep sound when a message is received and sent.
  7. Multiple chatting features are available in this online application.
  8. The seen messages are recognized by blink in the message and its color change.

The internet users in the world are increasing every day. As a result of which, the scope of a web communication project like this seems to be promising. The governing factors in choosing the this Chat Room Project in PHP are ease & comfort in chatting, speed of sending & receiving message and some extra facilities such as sending smiley, pictures.

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The proposed Chat Room application using PHP is with the limited features aforementioned. This application has a bright scope; it is very sound from the point of view of reliability and flexibility. You can always add new features, modules, forms, or components into the current application to make the overall project a better one from all aspects.



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