Virus Detection System ASP.NET Project


This Virus Detection System is an application which shows the way of approaching a generic antivirus product. Unlike, some antivirus software  products which bind themselves to specific signatures of some particular viruses, this simulation provides a generic approach by which we are able to detect more than a single virus with a common virus code in the database.

For the users of antivirus products who would like to know the simulation of an antivirus, the Virus Detection System is a good application – a generic antivirus software. You can download the project report, ppt and documentation of this Project from the download links in the post. Other other necessary project files including source codes if found will be updated in the download links.

Download Virus Tracking System in ASP.NET with Project Report


Download Virus Tracking System in ASP.NET with Project Report


Virus Detection System Project Abstract:

A computer virus can be defined as a computer program that can copy itself and infect a computer or a part of it without ever letting the computer user know. The term “Computer Virus” can mean many different types of adware and malware programs.

The original virus may modify the copies, or the copies may modify themselves. This proposed system is like an anti-virus software that can detect and eliminate the virus present in files, folders or system itself.

There are two common methods that an anti-virus software application uses to detect viruses. The first is using a list of virus signature definitions; this happens to be by far the most common method. They are classified as: heuristic analysis and signature scanning.

In signature scanning, only single virus can be detected at a time whereas in the second method, viruses based on common behaviors can be found using heuristic algorithm. This method has the ability to detect viruses that anti-virus security firms are yet to create a signature for.

Modules Overview:

Four modules have been used in this project whose detailed description can be found in the project report itself. They are listed below:

  • Home Page: The home page is beginning module of Virus Detection System. From here, through the options provided, users can navigate to other modules of the antivirus system.
  • Database Update: This module is for making the antivirus software more efficient, effective and accurate. It is further divided into two categories: the first is for adding new code to the database and the second is for deleting the existing code from the system database.
  • Scanning Module: This module is the part where scanning of the infected file, folder or system is done. Here, user is provided with option to scan the file they want and the selected file, folder or system is passed the dis-assembler module below. Scanning module into three sub-categories: scanning a single file, scanning a specific folder and scanning the entire system.
  • Disassembler Module: This is the core part of this virus detection system project software. This module takes the selected files from the scanning module and translated them to assembly level code. Then, the code thus generated for each file scanned will be passed to the next module present in the system.


Virus Tracking System Project Report
Virus Scanner Home Page
Virus Tracking System Project Report
Virus Tracking System Project Report
Add New Code to Database

System Specification:

1. Hardware Requirements:

  • PROCESSOR                      : Intel Pentium II or above
  • PROCESSOR speed          : 1.76 GHZ or above
  • RAM                                     : 32 MB or above
  • HDD                                     :  40 MB

2. Software Requirements:

  • PLATFORM                         : WINDOWS XP
  • FRONT END                       :  C, C# .NET
  • BACK END                          :  MS ACCESS

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This Virus Detection System (in ASP.NET) does not focus on aspects like real-time monitors, file system drivers, graphical user interfaces, plug-ins, etc. It simply includes main elements of a generic antivirus software product. The full project report of this antivirus system project can downloaded from the download link in the post.



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