ECG Monitoring System Android Project


ECG Monitoring System is an android app project for devices with android operating system platform. The main aim of the app is to facilitate the ECG (Electrocardiograph) service in android phones and tablets. The application uses sensors to detect the ECG data signals and these are sent through Bluetooth technology. The application takes reading of user’s heart by monitoring the ECG signals.

From the download link, you can access a pdf file of ECG Android App development project. The pdf file contains the complete source code, project report, screenshots, diagrams, and other things of this project. You can find every detailed description of this project there. Here, I’ve briefly introduced the project’s abstract and features.

Download ECG Monitoring System Android Project with Source Code and Project Report


Download ECG Monitoring System Android Project with Source Code and Project Report


About ECG Monitoring System:

ECG Application in Android
System Overview

With the development of wireless sensor technology, the remote monitoring feature is being more common to use in devices such as smartphones, iPhone, etc. During the course of competition among electronic device manufacturers, this remote monitoring facility has been used to introduce ECG service on android platform smartphones though app development.

The major aim of this ECG Android App is to develop a prototype ECG application that works with the Vitalsens ECG monitoring device from Intelesens. The app can be used for the realization of ECG data signals that are sent from the vitalsens heart rate monitoring device via Bluetooth communication.

Nowadays, android operating system devices have the biggest market and popularity in the world. The most of phones and hand-held tablets are desired in android platform. It makes the android platform the best choice for manufacturer and researcher point of view. So, a project like this developed for Android phones has a good scope.

 The ECG monitoring app can be used to monitor electric activities of the heart in an efficient and easy to use manner from the users’ mobile phone or tablet.  It is possible to use the application during exercises or in monitoring one’s heart conditions; these indeed make it suitable to be used as a fitness and health care solution.


  • The application is capable of monitoring heart condition by measuring ECG signals.
  • Bluetooth technology is used to transfer the ECG data.
  • In the application, data transmission is fast and accurate.
  • The application uses Vitalsens VS100 to ease the measurement of different signals.

How does ECG Android App work?

The Vitalsense VS100 is the primary component of ECG application. It is used to measure the different heart signals from user’s heart. Then, the measured heart signals are to be transferred to android device using Bluetooth technology.

The android device analyses the received signals for heart rate, skin surface temperature, motion, etc. Finally, the electrocardiograph obtained is displayed though LCD of Laptop or other computers.

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The ECG Application in Android is a health care android application developed to take care of user’s heart. It looks after the electric activity of human heart and measure ECG signals which are important for determining heart rate, skin temperature, etc. Future enhancements can be incorporated into the application.


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