Online Shopping Project in PHP


Online Shopping Project in PHP is a web-based application developed for serving shopping centers, shopping malls, etc. As the project title implies, the main aim of this project is to create a platform for online shopping. After the implementation of this project, customers can choose and order the desired stuffs from anywhere with internet access. The project promotes e-commerce and growing trade competition in the market.

Below, I have briefly introduced the features and scope of Online Shopping system. Only the source code, database and project files of this project is available for download at the moment; the project report and documentation are not available; if found, they will be updated in the download link.

Download Online Shopping Project in PHP with Source Code


Download Online Shopping Project in PHP with Source Code


About Online Shopping System Project:

Online Shopping Project in PHP

Nowadays, almost all people are busy with their own works or business. They don’t even have time to go to the market for shopping. Although they are in the need of something, they can’t go to shopping centers due to shortage of time. Keeping these things in mind, businessmen started the process of e-commerce.

Existing System:

The exiting traditional system of shopping has a large number of drawbacks such as time-consuming procedure, formation of crowd in malls, problem of bargaining, etc. These problems waste time of customers and manpower of businessmen or entrepreneur.

Proposed System:

Online shopping process neither wastes time of customers nor the manpower of entrepreneur. Using this web-based Shopping application, one can shop from home, office, organization. So, online shopping has now grown as the most desirable, reliable and efficient process of shopping.


In order to shop using Online Shopping system, the website of shopping center that has installed this system needs to be logged on. After that, you can see a large number of items on your browser window. In this system of shopping, below each items its price and other necessary data or information such as size, weight of packet etc. are tagged.

If you want to buy any item, click at the item and read more about it. Then, you should confirm your purchase by payments. Within a certain time your purchased item is delivered at your door. The key features of Online Shopping Project can be outlined as:

  • Using this project, one can buy stuffs from anywhere with internet access.
  • The implementation of project reduces the number of workers in the shopping mall, business centers, etc.
  • It saves the time and transportation cost of customers.
  • The project facilitates payment service. The customers can pay using the credit card.
  • The ordered goods are delivered as soon as possible to the customers’ place.
  • The project provides ease and comfort in management of business.

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This Online Shopping Project in PHP is a web-based application which is useful for both entrepreneur and customers to sell and buy goods respectively. It can be accessed from any area using internet services. Being easily accessible, reliable and fast, online shopping process is being adopted by most of the supermarkets and mini-markets in many big cities.


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