Bluetooth Activation Android Project


Bluetooth Activation is an application designed to enable or disable Bluetooth in android devices. With simple coding, this app can activate Bluetooth with or without user’s permission. Using this Bluetooth service, both Android cellphones and tablets can share the data without physical connection of devices, or use Bluetooth as a means of playing game, instant messaging, wireless headphone, and many more.

Below, I have briefly introduced the features and scope of Bluetooth enable/disable Android app. Carefully follow the steps given to test this project. The complete source code of this Bluetooth Android app can be accessed from the download link below.

Download Bluetooth Activation Android Project with Source Code


Download Bluetooth Activation Android Project with Source Code


About Bluetooth Activation Android App:

Bluetooth Activation Android Project

Bluetooth has been developed as a wireless technology standard for electronic devices such as mobiles, laptops, tablets etc. to enable the exchange of data over short distance. During the course of data exchanging, Bluetooth builds up Personal Area Network (PAN) using short wave length UHF radio waves. It works only on devices qualified to standard verified by Bluetooth Special Interest Group.

As a Bluetooth device is capable of connecting several devices overcoming the problem of synchronization, it is the most widely accepted means of wireless data exchange within short range of distance. Every modern cellphones and laptops are provided with Bluetooth Service with different kind of activation procedure.

Android operating system devices are growing and each android device features a Bluetooth activation app. Before the setting up of the Personal Area Network to share the data, Bluetooth service were required to be activated in all the connecting devices.

Depending upon the device type and Bluetooth type, it can be switched on by various methods. Keeping this scope in mind, this app is developed with simple coding by which Bluetooth can be automatically activated.


The key features of Bluetooth Activation Android application are:

  • It can enable/disable Bluetooth service in Android devices.
  • Using this application, Bluetooth may be activated with or without user’s permission.
  • The application is run with a single button.
  • This app can be easily downloaded, installed and used.

How to Run Bluetooth Activation Android App?

  • Download all Android XML file, android JAVA file and AndroidManifest.XML code from the link given in the post.
  • Create a new android Project.
  • Now, drop a button from widget to relative layout.
  • Give ID as button1.
  • Open the JAVA file and initialize all objects.
  • Use enable() and disable() method or you can use Intent to start Bluetooth service. It asks for permission to enable Bluetooth.
  • Open the androidManifest.XML file to take permission of Bluetooth activation and to change the state of Bluetooth.
  • Run the project, and install .apk of this project on your android device.
  • Finally, test the application on your android phone.

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This Bluetooth Activation app serves as a medium of switching Bluetooth adapter of android devices. As Bluetooth is one of the fundamental facilities of modern android devices, this project seems to have a good scope with ease and comfort to download, install and run.


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