Class Timetable Android Project


Class Timetable is an Android application developed with the purpose of helping the educational institutes to plan, schedule and maintain regular classes following a specific time schedule. The application aims at notifying faculty members about their class timing and planning of classes. Using this class timetable app, a user can check the list of available batches and timings and doesn’t need to visit or make calls to his working institute for getting updated with his classes.

The source code of this project is complete and error-free. You can download the source code and other necessary project files of Android based Class Timetable app from the download links in this post. The scopes and features and necessity of Class Timetable app in Android devices have been briefly described below. You can refer this description as abstract of this project.

Download Class Timetable Android Project with Source Code and Installation Instruction

Download Class Timetable Android Project with Source Code and Installation Instruction

About Class Timetable Android App:

Class Timetable Android Project

Due to the privatization in education field, a single professor or a teacher is involved in teaching in several institutes. The class timing and schedule of such private or public organization changes with many factors such as increase or decrease in number of students, absence of any faculty member, or sometimes traffic problems also shift the regular class time.

Existing System:

In traditional system of class timetable management, the planning and scheduling of classes and batches is either done manually with hand or with some other software packages. But the institute manager or planner may not be familiar with software operating.

Proposed System:

So, the existing Class timetable system can’t notify the faculty member instantly, and the proposed app aims at eradicating this drawback. Since it doesn’t require any special skill or training to operate android application, the traditional class time table management system can easily be replaced with the proposed system.


  • It stores and displays number and details of batches.
  • It provides the facility to see the list of available batches and timings.
  • You can add or update, delete and modify the existing batch details.
  • It is a very compatible software.
  • Being android application, it is more flexible than any other applications currently in use.

If you want to install/test this Class timetable app in your device, download ClassScheduler.apk file into your device and install it when prompted to do so. For this to work in your device, you must go to Settings-> Applications and turn on Unknown Sources option. The detailed step can be found in a .docx file available in the download link.

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Class Timetable Android app, being capable of providing a platform for planning, scheduling, maintaining and notifying with a single application, can prove to be the most effective and reliable Class Timetable Management application. As the application is designed in android platform, it can installed every faculty member’s cell phone.



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