Telephone Billing System Java Project


Telephone Billing System in Java is a simple software application developed to improve the efficiency in telephone billing procedures in telecommunication service providers and other suitable organizations. With this system, user billing details can be easily calculated and managed. Overall, a computerized telephone billing system increases the speed of the billing procedure, bill calculation and final report generation.

You can download the complete source code and a short abstract of Telephone Billing System Project in Java from the download links in this post. A full project report is not available for download at the moment, so I’ve included a different telephone billing project report in the download link; I hope it will help you as a reference to your own project report.

Download Telephone Billing System Java Project


Download Telephone Billing System Java Project with Source Code, Project Synopsis, and Reference Project Report


Telephone Billing System Project Abstract:

Telephone Billing System Project in Java

This Telephone Billing System is a totally computerized system that aims at quick, effective and uncomplicated telephone billing procedure. With this software, the workload for both customers and telecommunication service providers is reduced and the flow of the work is enhanced. More work can be done in lesser time with the new telephone billing system.

Information retrieval, recording and management has become easy and straightforward. As security is given prime importance in this Telephone Billing System, there’s less chance of data mishandling. Also, the software is very easy to use and does not require much skills; a person with basic knowledge of computer can effectively understand the billing procedure incorporated in this software.


The major features/functions of the proposed Telephone Billing System in Java are:

  • The system is standard and structured in style.
  • It can easily be used in combination with other telephone billing subsystems.
  • It has consistent interface with high economic options.
  • User-friendly; error messages are displayed in an square box on the screen.
  • Addition, deletion and editing of existing/new records can be done when required.
  • Automatic and fast bill generation.

Existing System:

The existing telephone billing procedure is slow and tedious as it is manual. Adding and editing or records are done via registers or files, and this creates many complexities. Once a client or customer has to make new telephone connections, separates files or registers were to be maintained for the customer.

The drawbacks of the existing Telephone Billing System can be highlighted as:

  • All the works in the workspace are done manually.
  • It is slow and tedious.
  • Adding, editing, deleting or searching for records in the files/registers is slow.
  • Maintenance and handling of works of large volume is cumbersome in itself.
  • The existing system is very error-prone.
  • Updating is difficult and may require new registers/files in most cases.

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To overcome the drawbacks and complexities of the existing system, this Telephone Billing System Project in Java platform was proposed. It eliminates the need of registers and files in many cases as the proposed system is fully computerized. It is quick, user-friendly and accurate, and does not create complications in telephone billing and management process.


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