University Admission Management System Java Project


University Admission Management System is a web-based application built with the aim of computerizing the admission procedure in universities and colleges. The system proposed here incorporates handling and management of multi-departmental and multi-divisional system that includes various daily activities in the system.

UAMS is developed using Java programming language with HTML/CSS used for user interface, JavaScript for client-side scripting and MS Access for the system database.

You can download the complete source code and mini project report (project abstract) of this project from the link below. Complete project report, documentation, and ppt is not available at the moment.

Download University Admission Management System Java Project


Download University Admission Management System Java Project with Source Code, Database, and Project Synopsis


University Admission Management System Project Abstract:

University Admission Management System using Java

A computerized admission system is the need and demand of every university today. To reach out to students at every nook and corner of the world, a computerized works way better than manual pen-paper system.

This project is developed for the purpose of computerization of admission procedure in universities to reduce the time and manpower required in manual admission process. The key features of the system is outlined below:

  • Paperless admission with computerized process
  • Reduced time in activities with reduced manpower
  • Economy
  • Operational efficiency
  • Effective integration with other institutions

Existing System:

The existing admission management system in universities is generally pen-paper based. Even though some use somewhat computerized system, it is not very effective as the system takes a lot of time and manpower in performing various tasks.

Also, there is no centralized data handling system, so the overall admission procedure becomes very lengthy and tedious as the huge amount of paperwork is very difficult to handle.

Proposed System:

The proposed university admission management application is just a browser designed to automate and computerize the entire operations. Being a web-based system, it enables multi-departmental and multi-divisional handling with a centralized system for effective and efficient database management.

Modules Overview:

  1. Administrator: Admin of the system has full access and rights to manage the system. They handle all the accounts of students and faculty members. From the back end, admins can prepare and submit student reports, college reports, and daily reports of activities in the system.
  2. Students: Unlike the admin module, the access to students is restricted to only some sub-modules and functions. Users can see the college list, take hall ticket through online, and view reports prepared by the administrators.
  3. User Interface: The user interface is a soothing graphical one with context sensitive help. It is fully menu-driven with keyboard shortcuts readily available for commonly user forms.
  4. Reports: Reports may be student reports, college report or daily reports – these all can be viewed at the click of a button. All reports can be previewed, exported, and printed by students and other users.

System Requirements:

Hardware Specifications:

  • Processor        :                  Pentium IV
  • Hard Disk       :                  40GB
  • RAM                :                  256MB

Software Specifications:

  • Operating System               :                  Windows XP/2003 or Linux/Solaris
  • Programming Language   :                  Java
  • Database                              :                  Access
  • Client-side Scripting         :                   JavaScript
  • User Interface                     :                  HTML, CSS
  • IDE/Workbench                :                  Eclipse with MyEclipse Plug-in
  • Server Deployment           :                  RetHat JBoss AS
  • Web Applications               :                 JDBC, JNDI, Servlets, JSP

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A computerized system provides flexibility, effectiveness and efficiency, plus it proves to be economical in the long run. The proposed university admission management system integrates all the features of a web-based system. As per user requirements, new features and modules can be added to the system.


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