Online Grading System PHP Project


This Online Grading System is a student project titled “Online CGPA Grading Application“. It is a web-based application developed using PHP and MS-Access (back-end). The main purpose of this project is to facilitate calculation of the average marks or grades of a student through online.

The PHP source code along with database details from the download link below. From this link, you’ll get the project’s CSS files, database file (.mdb), image files, flash animation files and JavaScript files. Project report, documentation, design details, and ppt are not available for download at the moment. So, a brief description has been presented below as an abstract of the project.

Download Online Grading System Project in PHP with Source Code


Download Online Grading System Project in PHP with Source Code and Database


About Online Grading System Project:

Online Grading System PHP Project

Proposed System:

The title of the proposed project is “Online CGPA Grading Application”. This is a website project developed using language: PHP script, CSS, and back-end: ODBC – MS-Access.

Grading systems such as GPA and CGPA are followed by many educational institutions, colleges and universities in the world. This online grading calculator calculates the average marks the student has received based on CGPA grading system. It can be used by any college or university to calculate the grade obtained by a student in any subject.

While many offline GPA and CGPA calculator are available to calculate grades, all the grading procedure in the proposed system is done through online. So, project is very computerized and easier compared to existing grading system.

Existing System:

The existing system is a manual one, requiring much time with paper and ink. It is a very tedious task for teachers to calculate grades of students and write them down in a marksheet. This method proves to be uneconomical; redundancy and errors in data (grade) entry may occur as well.

The case is not so with the proposed online grading system. This system makes it very easy for teachers to calculate grades and publish it online in the project website. Students can then view their respective grades by visiting the site.

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Currently, the webpages included in the project are about us page, e-learning pages, grade application page, downloads section and workshop page. Students are encouraged to add new pages as well as features or modules to enhance the scope of this project.

Online grading system is flexible enough to meet the user requirements in future. If you need any help with this project, mention them in the comments section below.


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