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Online Collaboration System is a web-based project developed in ASP.NET with C# as the development language, SQL Server 8 as the database and Windows XP as the OS. In short, this site aims at making it easier around the world to work together. This project is also named “Online Teamwork Network System”.

You can download online collaboration system project in ASP.NET with complete source code, text documents, project report, project synopsis, documentation, and all other necessary files from the link below. Project report contains detailed description on system analysis, technology used, system design and coding, data flow diagrams and screenshots of OCS.

Download Online Collaboration System Project in ASP.NET with Source Code, Project Report and Documentation


Download Online Collaboration System Project in ASP.NET with Source Code, Project Report and Documentation


About Online Collaboration System Project:

OCS is simply an electronic counterpart of Team Works. It is not aimed at replacing the traditional and more convenient means of communication such as phone or fax. It is designed to act as just another extension for a group of people who work as a team in a single project.

Online collaboration system includes striking features such as: team management, messaging, file sharing, discussion forums and project tracking. It contains all the information of a particular user and provides an overall infrastructure supporting wide range of subsystems in future. OCS keeps track of each member in a team, their message, file transfer history etc.

Here are the advantages of online collaboration system project:

  • It’s simple to set up, learn and use.
  • Staying on the same page in a common work area allows information to be shared from the same place.
  • The proposed system makes it easy to find and organize people as well as information.
  • It is elegantly simple but powerful, making collaboration easier and faster. It can be used by both computer novices and experts.
  • OCS shares everything you share in a simple file-folder system which assures safety and quick accessibility.
  • There’s no software or hardware to install as this system requires no IT support. It works across any platform.
  • This system helps non-technical business professionals use powerful and elegant technology for effective collaboration.

Modules Used in OCS:

The online collaboration system has 3 major modules and some other minor modules. The major modules have been briefly introduced below; you can find detailed description regarding these modules in the project report.

Team Management: A team is a group of members selected to work together by the leader, who is also a member. Teams are used in the proposed web-application to group files and messages. The site is initially free to use, but all users should be a member of a team. And, one team leader is allowed to handle only one team at a time.

The sub-modules in team management include team creation module, viewing team member, adding team members and deleting team members.

Messaging System: The messaging part in online collaboration system allows members to communication and beware of what’s going on in the system. This system notifies members when they are added or removed from teams.

Messages can be sent public, private, or viewable by the team member only. Additionally, this OCS supports emailing as well. The team members can send email to each other and automatically send emails (with user id, team id and password) to members when they are added into the system.

So, the sub-modules in messaging system are: viewing messages, sending messages, reading messages, deleting messages and emailing.

File Library: This online collaboration project uses system of uploading files and folder to the web server. These files and folders are stored in a virtual folder of the system, and these can be downloaded by other users on the team. File library is simply: a) uploading and downloading files, and b) folder creation.

Minor modules include log in, profile visible etc. Discussion board and project tracking are other modules which can be added in future.


Online Collaboration System Home Page
Sample Screenshot 1
Online Collaboration System Mesages and Profile
Sample Screenshot 2
OCS Sample Screenshot 3
Sample Screenshot 3

System Development Environment:

Hardware Requirements:

  • System                             :   IBM compatible PC’s
  • Processor                          :   P-III
  • RAM                                 :   128 MB RAM
  • HDD                                 :   5 GB

Software Requirements:

  • OS                                     :  Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP
  • Language used               :   C# with .NET Framework
  • Compiler                         :   .NET
  • Database                         :   SQL Server 2000
  • Markup language          :   HTML with ASP.NET Server controls
  • Server                              :   IIS
  • Editor                              :   Notepad or Visual Studio .NET
  • Browser                           :   Internet Explorer

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Designed using “The waterfall model“, this online collaboration system project meets all the current requirement of a teamwork-network system. It provides shared workspace to collect and make available observations of virtual work, which is becoming increasing commonplace in today’s organizations.


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