Planning and Tracking System ASP.NET Project


Planning and Tracking System is a web-based business application developed in ASP.NET. The main aim of the project is to automate the several business operations which are carried out manually. The application is an implementation of smart search facility with centralized database which can be installed in any business system to reduce human efforts in business operations.

Below I have briefly described the project with its scopes, modules and features. The source code is not available for download at the moment; if found, it will be updated in the download links. Currently, the full project abstract and project report of Planning and Tracking System can be downloaded from the download links here.

Download Planning and Tracking System Project in ASP.NET with Project Synopsis and Documentation

Planning and Tracking System Project Abstract:

A number of trackers are available in market and the most of them are capable of integrating islands of data units. But, they are not capable of relating each other to establish communication. The proposed planning and tracking system can manage, estimate and plan the scheduling and cost control.

The project plays a vital role in promotion of business oriented projects and operations. It reports the accurate data to the team manager and service delivery manager and also some other vertical levels. After the implementation, all the manual operations are avoided and a tracking system is utilized to forecast the future operation.

As the Planning and Tracking System is an internet based software project, it can be viewed and implemented in any part of globe with internet access. It rapidly increases the utilization of available resources in business.


  • The project is an internet-based system developed in ASP.NET language.
  • It effectively helps in utilization of available resources.
  • It roots out the manual system of business operation.
  • The project has seven modules with specific functions.
  • The system utilizes the tracking system in projection of future plans.

Modules Overview:

The proposed planning and tracking system is a seven modules project: Employee, Account, Project, Domain, Practice, PAS (People Allocation System), and Projection. Each module has certain specific functions.

  1. Employee Module is designed to look after and integrate employee related data and information. It upgrades the details of employees regarding domain, project, experience etc.
  2. Account Module is responsible for updating different accounts in the system.
  3. Domain Module is responsible for liking and sharing the data of one company to other registered within the system.
  4. Project Module is made to facilitate the information regarding present and past projects under the planning and tracking system.
  5. The future visions and plans of the business companies under the tracking system are forecast using Projection Module.
  6. The current activities, implemented technology and progress reports are maintained by Practice Module.


Planning and Tracking System ASP.NET registration
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Planning and Tracking System Project in ASP.NET

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To conclude, the proposed ASP.NET project on Planning and Tracking System is an integrating interface for employee related important details regarding the domain, practice, and project. The project automates personal and work status information. In this project, external and internal entities are used as dynamic flow.


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