Project Management System PHP Application


Project management system or project tracking system is a web-based application developed using PHP. This is an academic project proposed with a website where students can search for projects from previous years and share their projects with friends.

The complete PHP source code and necessary project files of project management/tracking system application are available in the link below. There’s no project report or documentation for this project; so, you can use the description provided here as a synopsis of this project.

Download Project Management System PHP Application with Source Code


Download Project Management System PHP Application in PHP with Source Code


Project Management System Abstract:

In general, a project management software is the one which helps plan, organize, and handle resource pools and develop resource estimates. Depending on the scope of the application, these resources may be estimating and valuation, planning and tracking, resource allocation, cost control and budget management, decision-making, quality management and communication.

Proposed System:

In context of the proposed project, let’s look at the need/demand of this type of application. Most of the universities and colleges today use their official website for keeping track of projects uploaded by senior students. Such projects can be helpful to juniors, and being visible on the web, these projects can be downloaded by students from any location.

In present context, only few of such university websites provide security that allows only college students to access the website and get relevant materials from there. So, in this application, a website has been designed where users can register with username and password. They can search, upload, and download projects from the website.

List of Forms:

  • Sign Up/Registration
  • Search Projects
  • Upload Projects
  • Download Projects
  • Review Projects
  • User Request, etc.

Modules Used:

  • Sign UP/Registration: New users can sign up into project management system application by providing details such as name, email, birthday, location, gender, and mobile number. The registration process is completed after verification via email and log in.
  • Admin: Admin is the main controller of this application. They are assigned with tasks such as manage projects, manage users, check notifications, search projects, see project status, view uploaded projects, delete projects, delete users, deny and grant access, accept and reject, etc.
  • Upload Projects: This module consists of project title, authors, acknowledgement, project abstract, year, programming language used, and domain. These options can be filled out to upload files of the project to the website.
  • Search: Search feature in this application is developed using a simple search box. Here, students can enter keywords, select department or faculty, and click search. Some sample keyword examples are: PHP Projects, VB.NET Projects, Documentation, Project Report, etc.

Project Screenshots:

Sign Up Form in Project Management System
Sign Up/Registration
Upload Projects in Project Portal
Upload Projects
Track a Project Status
Project Status
List of Projects in PMS
Project Lists

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Once a project is uploaded, it is first approved by the admin and it appears on the project portal of project management system. These uploaded projects can then be downloaded by any registered student from any location using their registration info.


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