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Attendance Tracker System is a web-based application in PHP. This project aims at managing attendance details of students so that both students and teachers have all the attendance-related information of respective subjects and respective streams. The attendance tracking system is designed in such a way that attendance information is accessible for every individual class and can be analyzed by the respective subject teacher.

Attendance Tracker System Project in PHP includes working details, modules, source code and other project files, all of which can be downloaded from the link provided in this post. Here’s a brief introduction of this project with abstract, features, working, advantages and design.

Download Attendance Tracker System PHP Project


Download Attendance Tracker System PHP Project with Source Code


Attendance Tracker System Project Abstract:

In colleges, universities or any educational institution, a number of students are enrolled in different branches/departments/streams, and tracking the attendance of all the students can be a long and time-taking process. The present system is mostly manual, and it is quite cumbersome for teachers to take information regarding the attendance of students of different subjects, classes and departments.

So, in order to overcome these, and come up with a new e-system, this Attendance Tracker System Project has been developed. This tracking system software is designed flawlessly as far as possible, and it works on PHP platform using MySQL database.

Here’s how this project works — The attendance details of students from each class/stream are updated to the database of the web application on a daily basis. This task is done on a daily basis by teachers for their respective subjects and classes using students’ registration numbers.

This PHP web-based application aims to reduce the calculation time for showing the attendance details, information and records of students from all classes and streams enrolled in any educational institution. For teachers, it is easy to analyze monthly and weekly records to give grades/marks to students in terms of attendance. Similarly, students can plan or schedule classes by considering the percentage of deficient attendance recorded.


When the application is run, the main login form of the project is displayed. It consists of teacher login and student login boxes as shown in output screen. Teachers will have unique username and password for login, and from there, they can track students’ attendance records.

Attendance details of students can be tracked by using either username or registration number. Students can simply give their username and check the details of attendance recorded in the database of the application. Passwords are not needed for students.

Forms Used:

Below is a list of forms used in Attendance Tracker System Project:

  • Log in form – For teachers to log in to the application and view existing attendance records of students.
  • Check log in – To check details of username and password with database records.
  • Log out – For teachers to log out of the application after tracking or viewing existing record.
  • Retrieve – Records are retrieved from the database when a request for tracking students’ records is made.
  • Retrieve teacher – Details of teachers’ records are displayed by retrieving them from the database.
  • Update form – To update and add new records to the database.


attendance tracker system

Attendance Tracker System Project in PHP

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This proposed project – attendance tracker system in PHP can effectively track students attendance information for every classes attended. Teachers can views students’ attendance details by logging in, and they can inform students about the status of their attendance percentage.


  1. in system>database which one is the important for the project and i use wamp server. if you can please send the database part related with wamp server.

    • First download the project, then go to: Attendance Tracker System Project in PHP > Attendance Master > System > Database

      If you found it, please reply with a “thank you” to let others know that the database is available there.

      • There are a lot of database files but I do not see a database scheme.
        I get the login screen but oviously I can’t login with an empty database.


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