Marksheet Management System VB.NET Project


Developed in VB.NET, this Marksheet Management System is a software application that can automatically generate marks of the students in the form of grades. It is more like a “Student Grade Sheet Management System Project” where no manual calculations and operations are required. The project aims helping an educational institution by generating and handling grades of every student for each subject cum semester.

You can access the complete source code, database, forms and other necessary project files of Marksheet Management System from the download links in this post. Here, I’ve briefly introduced the project with its modules, features and the working mechanism of this system.

Download Marksheet Management System VB.NET Project with Source Code


Download Marksheet Management System VB.NET Project with Source Code


About Marksheet Management System:

Existing System:

Looking at the existing mark sheet management system, it is found that many educational institutions, mainly engineering colleges, have incorporated “Grading System” in their educational stream. But, the problem here is that they are still using manual methods for calculating grades and entering in them in the marksheet. This is a very time consuming and uneconomical process.

Proposed System:

In this proposed Marksheet Management System in VB.NET, automatic grade generation can be done. Basic information of the student such as courses taken, subjects, semester, etc. need to be provided, and then the grades are calculated automatically and the final result is shown.


Two main features of this project are: entering marks in mark sheet and printing marks. Both these functions are done automatically by this software application. Some other features of the project are save, cancel and exit from the application.

The marksheet entry form includes “student details” and “grade points obtained” by the student. Students’ name, registration number, examination year, exam roll no., semester, courses and exam type are to be provided in student details. All these information are saved in the system.

Here’s how the “grade points obtained” works. After providing the student details, respective subjects’ exams taken by the student along with the subject code and credit hours are loaded to grade points drop boxes. Then, grades can calculated and GPA can be computed; the latter is displayed on GPA text box, and the final mark sheet result of the student is shown on the text box.

The student details including subject, programs, etc. can be modified by editing the database table. To log in to the application, admins and guests can find their passwords in the database login file. This file along with the database table are available in the download file.


Marksheet Management System Project

Marksheet Management System Project in VB.NET

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After Mark sheet Management System application is launched, a form with file menu option is displayed on the screen. The various options available for entering grades, calculating grades, printing mark sheet and exiting can be easily located from there to perform the required function.


  1. Pour moi c’est du VB6 pas.NET
    I think it’s a VB6 project, not .NET framework based!
    file extensions are .frm
    .vbp etc.!


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