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Online Medical Management System, titled “Virtual Medicine Home”, is a web-based project developed in Java with the aim of providing a platform for online appointment between doctor and patient. It enables a doctor to give online appointment, e-prescription, save and view the patient’s previous health records, lab reports, etc. This system also facilitates to look for blood and eye donators.

You can download the complete source code, and necessary project files of this project from the link below. Also, available in the download file are complete project documentation, project manual, project workspace details, project presentation files, database tables, and screenshots. There’s also a guide on how to run this project.

Download Online Medical Management System Project in Java


Download Online Medical Management System Project in Java with Source Code, Database, Project Report, Documentation, and ppt


About Online Medical Management System:

In the existing medical system, all the functions in medical management are manual. In remote areas, there is lack of sophisticated medical equipment and doctors. Moreover, there is no data recording system in order to keep the previous health reports and lab reports of patients.

So, this web-based Medical Management System tries to overcome these drawbacks by providing a perfect link between doctor and patient through e-way. The system is named as “Virtual Medical Home“. In order to use this system, the requirements listed below under two different headings – functional requirements and user requirements,  are to be checked.


  • It has two modules — Admins module and Doctors module. Admin module is for controlling the online software system whereas doctors module is for interaction with patients.
  • It is accessible from any part of the world via internet service.
  • It ensures data security and accuracy with the maintenance of telecenter data.
  • Users needn’t go anywhere for treatment; the communication between patients and doctors is established through chat.

Functional and User Requirements:

Function Requirements:-

  • The site should have proper users’ profile management and registration.
  • There must be appointment of patients with doctors. For new patients, it is better to have data regrading previous health records.
  • Required number of doctors should be available for service of patients.
  • There should be a facility of making a complaint to the admin for any kind of medical error.
  • The site needs to have number of medical manuals in local language.
  • Admin is supposed to take backups of all the data and it should be capable of generating system reports.

User Requirements:

  • They should have professional look and feel.
  • The users are expected to use AJAX at least with all registration forms.
  • Users should have a browser such as IE, NN, Mozilla, or Firefox installed on his/her device.
  • The reports are exportable in excel or any desired formats.


Online Medical Management System Java - Log in
Log in Menu
Online Medical Management System Project - Patient Log in
Patient Log in Menu
Online Medical Management System - Chat

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This is a final year project/semester project in Java. Being a web-based project, it provides a platform for online appointment between doctor and patient. You can access the full project report, documentation, project files and Java source code of Online Medical Management System from the download link/button in this post. If you have any queries, drop them in the comments.


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