School Management System ASP.NET Project


School Management System under the name of Hillfort Public School is a simple web-based project in ASP.NET. It is primarily focused on maintaining all the activities related to school management. Working on dynamic website handling, the software uses computerized system to avoid manual and documentation storage problems along with avoiding the problems in maintaining long period data. This proposed website under this project controls all the student information and faculty details for proper school management.

Only the project report and documentation of this project is available with us at the moment. So, this project is presented here just for reference purpose. The source code, database, and other required files if found will be updated in the download link.

Download School Management System Project in ASP.NET with Project Report/Documentation


Download School Management System Project in ASP.NET with Project Report/Documentation


School Management System Project Abstract:

School Management system is developed with the main objective of providing detailed information regarding student and faculties. The objectives are to make the admission process fast and easily accessible, inform parent about students activities via. mail and information student and faculty members with time-to-time event info related to school. Hillfort project generates separate student and faculty login Id and password as discussed below in the features.

The proposed system shows time-to-time event information related to school, and also features sending mail to parents directly regarding student’s activities in school. All school event and activity related information along with school related latest news are displayed by the project.

Existing System:

Here are the flaws in the present system.

  • Present system is not user-friendly as it is a manual system lacking security and is time consuming.
  • The manual recording of data makes the system error-prone, and often leads to confusion.
  • The present system consists of static web pages, and does not allow dynamic insertions of data.
  • Compared to this school management system project, in the present system a lot of work and time is required for storing information of students and faculties.
  • The admission procedure is not convenient, and there is possibility of delay.
  • When it comes to notice, time table and result publishing, a lot of paper work is required.

Proposed System:

The school management system project in ASP.NET as a new system can overcome the drawbacks in present system as follows.

  • Being a web-based system, it will allow easy interaction of the users with the system.
  • It features optimization functionality.
  • New system can be made customizable for the administration to update it.
  • All school management information can be documented.
  • Security is given high priority, all data are secured and consistent.
  • The new system software can be flexible enough to integrate different time-to-time changes.


School Management system is a web-based project which provides security features by login facility according to designation. It restricts unauthorized user; if user is not the admin, they can’t access the key parts. Under this security feature, the project provides four types of designation facility and access permission.

Compared to the manual system with high maintenance and other problems, the proposed project can generate and show all report according to date. The manual system didn’t store all past necessary information and it was not possible to view all the recorded ones at a time. This drawback has been mitigated as the project website facilitates easy retrieval of all student information according to requirement. Also, it reduces time and cost.

In terms of technical feasibility of school management system project, the use of CSS and .NET makes form design easy and convenient. The use of CSS and .NET makes form design easy and convenient. The project can be run on any system with minimum requirements. It reduces data entry errors because of data entry validation. It can be easily handled by any user, and thereby helps in faster data update procedure.

Other project report details regarding software engineering process modules used — Requirements specification (Requirements analysis), Software Design, Integration, Testing (or Validation), Deployment (or Installation) and Implementation & Maintenance can be found in the project report. Also, modules and modular chart, system flow chart and data structure are well documented in the report of this project.

Output Screens:

School Management System Project in ASP.NET
School Admission
School Management System Project in ASP.NET
Student Login
School Management System Project in ASP.NET

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This web-based project as school management system project comes up with a dynamic website. To conclude, it provides information related to school activities such as admission system, event schedule, school time-table, important notices and dignitary messages. Using this application, client will know about the quality of eduction be delivered by the school. This school management project is developed under the name of Hillfort Public School.



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