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This is an Online Text Editor software¬†named “Live Document – Rich Text Editor“, developed in ASP.NET. The main aim of this project is to implement or develop a web-based application where one can add content, edit content, share document, store data, etc., somewhat similar to that of Google documents. Besides sharing and editing content, with this software files can be downloaded from any location by logging in to the application.

The complete source code, project files and database details of this Online Text Editor Software are available for download from the links in this post. Only the project report is not available at the moment; if found the project report along with documentation and ppt will be updated in the download links.

Download Online Text Editor Project in ASP.NET with Source Code


Download Online Text Editor Project in ASP.NET with Source Code


Online Text Editor Project Abstract:

Online Text Editor Project
Text Editors or Document Editors are widely used software to write, edit and save content. These software are mostly used by students for their academic works, employees for office works, business people for various written business transactions, and there are other many more fields where Text Editors are used.

In recent years, the typical documentation platform we were familiar with, Microsoft Word is not the only option for text edition and documentation. Google Docs have helped users manage documents and records more effectively using cloud feature.  Documents can be modified from different locations and the modifications can be saved. Also, the same file can be downloaded from many locations.

So, the entire text edition and documentation process, or the typical offline text editor software has now evolved as a web-based application. This proposed Online Text Editor project is a similar one developed in ASP.NET framework.


Various modules/forms are used in this software, but the key features of the project include:

  • Write content
  • Edit data
  • Save documents
  • Share documents
  • Export data/documentation
  • Various other functions

In Rich Text Editor, documents can be listed as “public” by which any user using the internet can see the documents. Files can be downloaded from any location; this requires logging in to the user account of the system. For this, users are required to register with application for using the software.

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The project abstract is presented here just to help you understand what the project is about. The front end of Online Text Editor project uses ASP.NET, C# and Ajax for design. The back end file consists of database details and procedure on how to open database using valid id (username and password).


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