Online Voting System ASP.NET Project


Online Voting System is developed with the aim of creating a platform which will make voting process easier, allowing citizens above 18 years of age to cast their vote online. This web-based project is implemented in ASP.NET with C# using SQL Server database as back-end and Microsoft Visual Studio. Net as front-end tool.

The complete project report and documentation for Online Voting System are available in the download links. The source code and database files for this project are not available at the moment, so this project is discussed here just for reference purpose only.. In the mean time, you can check out this tutorial on creating a Voting Poll with ASP.NET 4.0 and C#.

There are three project reports; project report (1) is given to you as a reference report; it is for online voting system developed in PHP, with MY SQL (database design) and HTML 4.0 (form design). Project report (3) is also a reference project titled “Online Voting System in Java”.

Another report (2) is for the proposed voting software developed in ASP.NET. These documentation consist of in-depth project description along with ER diagrams, class diagrams, DFD diagrams, system modelling diagrams, database tables design, and sample screenshots of the project.

Download Online Voting System in ASP.NET with Project Report and Documentation


Download Online Voting System in ASP.NET with Project Report and Documentation


Online Voting System Project Abstract:

Online Voting System creates and handles details regarding polling and election which will enable all citizens to cast their vote via a web-based platform. Database consisting of records and details of the citizens and candidates who are eligible to vote are maintained by the system.

Existing System:

In the current context, voting is done using ballot paper and counting is done manually. This manual system is very uneconomical, requiring large manpower and it takes a lot of time. Possibility of invalid or fraud votes cannot be ruled out in the current voting system.

Proposed System:

The proposed online voting system makes use of computer and internet which makes the overall voting procedure easy. It saves time and avoids errors such as invalid votes and miscalculation of votes. Voting and counting both are done with the help of a computer, the election process is easy, and this system proves to be much economical, compared to the manual system.

Collaboration Diagram of Online Voting System
Collaboration Diagram

In online voting system, voting is done online; this process is very easy. Candidates are first required to fill a form to register themselves, providing various voting-related details. These entries are then checked by the system database to see if the candidate fulfills the voting criteria.

If the entries are correct and the citizen is eligible to vote, a user id and password is given to the voter. By using the information provided, citizens can cast their vote. The vote cast is automatically recorded and checked in the system database, and can be counted later.

The proposed Online Voting System in ASP.NET is developed with the following goals:

  1. counting the total number of votes cast
  2. calculating the percentage of total votes
  3. calculating the total votes cast for each candidate
  4. calculating the percentage of votes for each candidate
  5. checking duplication and error in voting
  6. finding the wining candidates in the election based on the total votes they received

Modules Used:

Keeping the election and voting requirements in mind, Online Voting System has been developed with two modules: administrator module and user module.

Administrator has the whole authority over the system; they maintain (add, update, modify and delete) records and details of all voters and candidates. Users, on the other hand, can view the list of voters and candidates, and see results after the election is completed.

System Specifications:

Software Specification:

  • Operating system    : Windows XP
  • Coding Language    : ASP.Net with C#
  • Data Base                 : SQL Server 2005

Hardware Specification:

  • System                : Pentium IV 2.4 GHz
  • Ram                     : 512 MB
  • Hard Disk          : 40 GB
  • Floppy Drive     : 1.44 Mb
  • Monitor              : 15 VGA Color
  • Mouse                 : Logitech


Online Voting System project aims to increase the voting percentages across the country; with the proposed system, people outside their hometown can also cast their vote. Overall, project is very economical and flexible; new features and sub-modules can be added as per user requirements.


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