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Online Tax Information System is a internet-based application developed in ASP.NET platform. Based on database integration approach, it uses MS SQL Server as back-end database. This project is titled “Geo Spatial Info Tech Solutions”, and is aimed at automated, web-based tax management in the municipal region of a country.

The proposed system provides user registration with various tax-related information through which users can log in to the system and see their tax details. It provides an effective solution to collect information regarding house, water, etc. and see details of due payment.

This project is complete with all necessary source code, database, documentation, project report and ppt available in the download links. The project report contains project abstract and detailed introduction along with data flow diagrams, collaboration diagrams, tables, activity diagrams, use case diagrams and class diagrams.

Download Online Tax Information System in ASP.NET with Source Code, Database,Project Report, Documentation and ppt


Download Online Tax Information System in ASP.NET with Source Code, Database, Project Report, Documentation and ppt


About Online Tax Information System Project:

Local bodies in a nation such as municipalities and similar government offices collect taxes from citizens. The tax includes services provided by the municipality such as drinking water, household electricity, street light, land, etc. But in the existing system, the tax payment procedure is not easy.

Existing System:

The existing tax information management system requires citizens to go to municipal offices to pay the tax. This is a very time taking process as citizens have to wait for officials and collect the necessary bill for payment. The chances of corruption cannot be ruled out here.

Tax information are saved by municipal employees in the form of excel sheets or disk drives. So, data is not secure as they are not properly managed. Searching a particular information may take hours of time, and gathering information from different sources is a very tedious job.

Proposed System:

Keeping this issues in mind, the need for an automated tax management system was felt. The proposed system collects tax information from all citizens and different authorities based on the house number and owner’s name. All these records are stored in the database of the system, which can be viewed by the users or citizens at any time.

Actually, the project requires users to register into the system with the house number and owner name. Then, users can log in to the system and search for tax details; this will show their payment and pending amount. The bill for each citizen is automatically calculated by the system annually, semi-annually or quarterly.

Users can view the following details after being logged into the system:

  • House details (house number and owner name)
  • Electricity bill details
  • Water bill details
  • Municipality details
  • Pending bills
  • Dues (amount and date), penalties and other payments

Modules Overview:

Online Tax Information System project is built with the following aspects/modules:

  • Administrator: Admin maintains and manages the entire system; they are provided with the privilege of adding, updating or deleting anything to/from the system database.
  • Registration: Users of the system, i.e. the citizens, need to register by providing the house number and house owner name. They are then provided a unique user name id and password to log in to the system.
  • Citizens: Using the system, citizens can view various bill amounts, pending amounts and dues to be paid to different authorities.
  • Citizen Bill Information: This includes electricity bills, water bills, property taxes, etc.
  • Search
  • Reports
  • Authentication

Detailed description of the remaining/all modules can be found in the project report and documentation.


Log in Page of Online Tax Information System
Log in Page
House Registration in Tax Management System
House Registration
Municipality Taxes
Municipality Taxes

System Specification:

Server Environment:

  • Operating System (OS) Server: Windows XP or later
  • Database Server: Microsoft SQL Server-2005
  • Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio .Net-2005
  • User Interface: Asp.Net with Ajax
  • Client: Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Code Behind: VC#.Net

Software Requirements:

  • Windows OS (XP or later server)
  • Internet Information Server 5.0 (IIS)
  • SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition
  • Visual Studio .Net 2008 Enterprise Edition
  • Visual Studio .Net Framework (Minimal for Deployment) version 3.5

Hardware Requirements:

  • Processor: Intel Pentium or more
  • Hard Disk: 20GB
  • Ram:  512 MB

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The system interface is very user-friendly; a person with basic computer/web skills can easily use the system. Flexibility is another aspect of the proposed system which gives room to add new features, modules and future enhancements as per requirement.

All step-by-step procedures regarding launching Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and things to follow to successfully run this Online Tax Information System project are described in detail in the download file. Also, whatever aforementioned is just a basic introduction to this project; refer the project report and documentation for detailed information.


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