Apartment Management System VB.NET Project


Apartment Management System is developed in VB.NET programming platform using Visual Basic as front-end design and SQL Server as back-end database tool. This software is aimed at construction companies which handle management-related works of various apartments in a city.

All source code files and other necessary project files of Apartment Management System (or Condo Management System) are available in the download links. Project report, documentation and ppt of this project are not available at the moment, so you can refer the description provided here as project synopsis.

Download Apartment Management System in VB.NET with Source Code


Download Apartment Management System in VB.NET with Source Code


Apartment Management System Project Abstract:

Apartment Management System

As these sort of companies working on a large scale are often involved in many apartment management works simultaneously. Organizing all the details of these tasks is not easy if done manually. The manual approach is very tedious, time-taking, and requires large number of workers.

Apartment management system software is very useful for constructions companies and other similar enterprises to handle maintenance, renovation and service of apartments in a city. It is designed to overcome all the limitations and drawbacks of the manual system.

The proposed software helps to organize the daily works, calculates the total amount of work done in a specific time, and keep track of pending work. It also handles management of cost and employee resource. AMS keeps track of works going on in construction sites as well as maintenance sites.

Modules Used:

Apartment Management System is a four-modules project. These are briefly introduced below:

  1. Apartment Module: This module manages all the information, records and data related to apartment. These data include total number of flats and rooms, types of rooms, different types of works in the apartment, security details, etc.
  2. Maintenance Module: This module handles management details of total work done and work pending for every apartment. It automatically updates records such as total manpower required in the process and hardware used.
  3. Bill Generation Module: With the help of this module, total amount invested on each apartment for maintenance, renovation, or service are generated in the form of reports every month.
  4. Allotment Details: Whenever construction companies take certain apartment for maintenance, the details of agreement between the company and the owner are stored here.

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This project is relatively simple to understand and implement. It fulfills all the current requirements of construction companies. The system is very user-friendly; a person with basic computer skills can easily use the system.

New features and modules can be added into the system as per user requirement. The project is very flexible in that aspect. It is economical as well in the long run, requiring less manpower and money.



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