Digital Steganography Java Project


In large organizations, secrecy is of high importance and maintaining it is a top priority. The intelligence of hackers has made this a very tedious task today. Cryptography was previously used for sending and receiving secret information but it did not prove that secure as it gave suspicions to hackers.

To overcome this problem, digital steganography came as a solution. It neither gives suspicion to hackers nor affects unintended users. It simply uses multimedia data as a medium to cover secret information that can then be transmitted to desired locations.

You can get the complete source code, documentation and project report of this software project from the download link. Below, I’ve briefly introduced the project abstract with system specifications; you can find detailed info, including design details, in the project report.

Download Digital Steganography Java Project with Source Code, Project Report and Documentation


Download Digital Steganography Java Project with Source Code, Project Report and Documentation


About Digital Steganography Project:

This digital steganography project is implemented in Java; it requires Java development kit (J2sdk1.4.1 and above). It can be run on any operating system. This system provides a user-friendly interface. Being developed in Java, it is platform independent and highly flexible.

Here, secret information are hidden within data i.e, multimedia data, which is an image, and the data (secret information) can be sent anywhere. The multimedia data simply acts as a medium to maintain secrecy of the information to be conveyed.

In order to hide data within an image, the sender-side program is to be run. And, for receiving the hidden secret information, you need to run the receiver-side program.

This digital steganography contains both sender and receiver-side programs. So, user can use a program depending on whether they want to receive or send data.

Modules Overview:

Digital Steganography is a two-modules project, namely: making stegano medium and getting secret information from stegano medium.

In the first module, making stegano medium, the secret information to be transmitted in hidden in an image file. This first requires a user code and then the information. After that, a secret code is generated based on the user code and the secret information which is later used by receiver to extract the information transmitted.

In getting secret information from stegano medium module, only those who have the secret code generated by the first module can see the secret information hidden under an image. Actually, anyone can see the image, but not the information – not without the secret code.

Digital Steganography Project
Sample Screenshot

System Specification:

Hardware Specification:

  • Processor:    Pentium IV
  • 40 GB hard disk space.
  • 256 MB RAM or more.
  • 1.44 Floppy Disk Drive.
  • 104 keys keyboard.
  • Display capable of showing 65,000 colors or more.
  • CD-ROM Drive for installing the package.
  • Mouse with minimum two buttons.

Software Specification:

  • Front End:    Java (jdk1.4.1 and above)
  • OS        :       Windows / Linux / Solaris

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The proposed Digital Steganography project provides a GUI, user-friendly software system through which secret information can be easily transmitted without hackers knowing anything about it. Attaining all Java features, this system is platform independent and flexible.



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