Bus Reservation System C++ Project


Bus reservation system is a very simple project showing the implementation of class along with the object of C++ language. This project is very simple to understand, and it will help you learn how to create class and object in your C++ project/mini project. Here, the user can perform tasks like install bus information, reserve bus seat, show reservation information and show information regarding the buses available.

Developed as a console application without GUI, this bus reservation system in C++ doesn’t use file handling to store the bus information. You need to compile the source code in Code::Blocks using the GCC compiler. You can download the source code and executable file from the link below.

Download Bus Reservation System C++ Project with Source Code


Download Bus Reservation System C++ Project with Source Code


About Bus Reservation System C++ Project:

Bus Reservation System Project in C++
Basically four features are available in this project, but you can write your own code to add more features, and make this project even better. Here, I am going to briefly describe the features:

  1. Install Bus Information
    This feature allows you to install a typical bus information before it can be reserved by the passengers or shown in buses available. It includes the bus no., driver’s name, arrival time, departure time and destination (from and to) of the bus.
  2. Reservation
    This feature is very simple; it includes the bus no., seat number and the passenger’s name. The seat number of the particular bus is reserved under the passenger’s name.
  3. Show Reservation Information
    With this feature, you can show all the information regarding the buses and their respective seats. It contains all the information stored by the previous two function of this project. It also enlists the no. of empty seats in a bus along with the seat number registered to a particular passenger. (Scroll down to view the output screen of this feature.)
  4. Buses Available
    This feature simply shows the buses available for reservation, and the information regarding the bus no. stored under the first feature.

In bus reservation system project, file has not been used to store the data of bus information. So, upon every run of the program, previously stored data regarding the aforementioned features are lost.

You are encouraged to incorporate file handling in this project to store all the bus details, and make the project more effective and complete overall. This is a very simple project, published here just to show the implementation processes and techniques of class and object of the C++ language.

Project Output Screenshots:

Install Bus Information
Install Bus Information
Show Bus Reservation Information
Show Bus Reservation Information

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I recommend you to use this bus reservation system project in C++ as a reference project. It is a very simple project, so it can help you understand many new things if you are new to C++ projects.

Try writing your own code to add new features to this project or make a completely new project. Submitting this as your college C++ project with no modification at all is totally discouraged. If you have any queries regarding the project, bring them up to me from the comments section.


  1. If you send me this project code i shall be very thankfull ro you…please add. Inheritence…polimorphism…..and other oop releted things in this project….thanx

    • What more details are you looking for exactly? The source code is complete. Run it on Code::Blocks, and you’ll get the outputs shown in the post.

      If not, you’re doing something wrong!

  2. i need c code railway reservation system with linked list please send to my email address because this code is not open to given link

  3. there are some errors in the program which i would like to tell you…the header files are not included properly…and Turbo C++ can’t run library files like cstdio.h and cstdlib.h….

    • This project shows no error when you run it in Code::blocks. I have a MacBook Pro, but currently I don’t have Xcode in it. Anyway, I always run and compile codes in Code::Blocks in Windows platform. So, I don’t know how to rectify the problem you’re having.


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