3D Bounce Game in OpenGL


This is a simple console application gaming project built as 3D Bounce game in OpenGL. It is an excellent demonstration of the use of Open Graphics Library and its features in C++. This gaming project is simple to understand, and is played with keyboard – space bar and navigation keys. In this post, I have included a brief introduction of OpenGL, the features of the game and links to download the project.

The source code of 3D Bounce Game in OpenGL has been designed and compiled using Code::Blocks. To compile the source code, you’ll need to set up OpenGL (GLUT) in Code::Blocks. The code is complete and totally error-free. You can directly download the project files of 3D Bounce Ball game from the link below.

Download 3D Bounce Game in OpenGL


Download 3D Bounce Game in OpenGL


About OpenGL:

3D Bounce Game in OpenGL
OpenGL, Open Graphics Library, is a Graphics Application Programming Interface (API). It acts as a layer between programmer and graphics hardware, and has several hundred procedures and functions. The input in OpenGL is 2D or 3D data, and the output is framebuffer. It was originally developed by SGI in the early 90’s. Learn more about OpenGL here.

OpenGL is THE choice for Linux developers, and it is widely used and supported. It is easy to use and supports high-end graphics features as well as geometric and pixel processing. OpenGL is used for real-time applications, fast preview for visualizations, interactive virtual environments and video games.

About 3D Bounce Game in OpenGL:

3D Bounce Game in OpenGL

Since the source code of 3D Bounce Ball game is in project format, there are a number of C++ files, and each file consists of user defined header files and user defined functions. The major C++ files used are:

  • main.cpp
  • classs.cpp

These two files control all the header files and the functions used to develop the game.

The user defined header files are the backbone of this 3D Bounce Game in OpenGL. All the major tasks of the game are competed by these header files. Major user defined files used in the source code of this project are listed as follows:

  • bounce.h
  • classes.h
  • constants.h
  • game_functions.h
  • game_loop.h
  • objects.h
  • utility.h
  • variables.h

In order to make the code of 3D Bounce game in OpenGL more user friendly, the name of each header file has been chosen such that it represents a particular function. For example: the bounce.h controls the bouncing action of the ball in the game. Similarly, the constant.h header file is for controlling the constants of project, game_loop.h looks after the loops, and so on.

The project overall is easy to understand and the game is simple to play. 3D Bounce Game in OpenGL is played with keyboard; space bar is used to bounce the ball and the navigation keys are used to give direction to the ball.

The 3D Bounce game in OpenGL can be used to learn about the application of open graphics library in C++. You are allowed to use this game as your semester project, but it’d be better if you make some modifications to the game as there are always rooms for improvement. If you have any queries regarding this gaming project, bring them up to me from the comments section below.


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