Traffic Control Management System C++ Project


Developed in C++ language, Traffic Control Management System is a management application developed for the purpose of controlling traffic problems. As a final year project, it can be used for the demonstration of practical use of C++ programming language along with its features. The scope of this project is big as it can be used in any urban roads and junctions for the appropriate management of traffic.

The source code of Traffic Control Management System has been written in C++ programming language with the use of video graphics. You can download the source code, executable file and basic description of this project from the link provided in this post. To give you an insight into the project, here I have briefly described the functions, working mechanism and features of this project.

Download Traffic Control Management System C++ Project  with Source Code


Download Traffic Control Management System C++ Project with Source Code


About Traffic Control Management Project:

The project source code consists of two cpp files( main.cpp and caliberate.cpp) and a user defined header file(caleberate.h). The main.cpp file in the source code integrates all files and makes do the designed task of the project.

In Traffic Control Management System, the major function of user defined header file is to make the system capture the video of the traffic lanes and to analyze them. The caliberate.cpp receives the analyzed data of running traffic and it takes the appropriate decision for traffic control.

The application detects traffic by using opencv. The algorithm provides necessary traffic information required for analysis and decision making in traffic management. The major information to be detected and analyzed for traffic management by this application are:

  • Average movement of vehicles
  • Percentage of area covered by vehicles on the road

This software analyses the traffic for each lane decides to divide the traffic based on type of vehicle. In order to reduce traffic congestion, the small vehicles are moved in one lane and heavier vehicle vehicles are moved in other.

Before the installation of application in road, it needs to be tested. In road, the application first captures video of running traffic and analyzes, but while testing on computer the video file may not present. So, follow the steps given below:-

  • Place a video file in same directory of executable file.
  • Rename the video file as “traffic.avi”
  • Build and Run the code.
  • In “Draw Polygon” Window choose four points.

After performing these steps, the Traffic Control Management application separates the lanes for respective type of vehicles as per algorithm embedded in the code. Finally, you will see a console output of separated lane as shown below.

The conventional way of controlling traffic at junctions and other sectors of urban road is growing ineffective with the passage of time due to increase in the number of vehicles on road. At a busy junction, it is really a very complex task for a single traffic police to pass all the vehicles safely.


Traffic Control Management System in C++

Traffic Management System Project

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The use of computer based system to control traffic is the demand of time. So, the application like Traffic Control Management Project is essential for easy and scientific traffic control in modern society. I hope this project will help you in doing your final year project. If you have any question, bring them up from the comments section.



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