City Bus Management System ASP.NET Project


City Bus Management System, developed in ASP.NET programming platform, is a final year computer science project. It aims at computerizing the entire process of bus management in cities to help travel management to both users and companies. This software manages different types of data management procedures in city bus transport routes, bus stops, bus details, trip information and employee details.

The complete source code and other necessary project files of City Bus Management System Project can be accessed from the download link in this post.

Project report, documentation and ppt is not available in the download file at the moment; if found, these will be updated in the current download links. Below, I’ve briefly introduced the project with its features to help you understand what the project is about.

Download City Bus Management System ASP.NET Project with Source Code


Download City Bus Management System ASP.NET Project with Source Code


About City Bus Management System:

Compared to the existing bus management system where most of the works are done manually, this proposed software requires less number of employees to handle the entire bus management system. The existing system is very traditional requiring a lot of paper work and human resource too is required in large number. It is very unreliable, uneconomical, and ineffective.

Modules Used:

  • Route Management: This is a module in this project which updates different bus routes of the city along with their timing to the system database. Here, new routes can be added to the database and old routes which are no longer in use can be deleted from the database. Users can search by bus name to find the required details. Four sub-modules make up this module: save, delete, edit and exit.
  • Bus Details: This module handles information of each bus such as the bus names, bus numbers, route details and timings of arrival of buses. This module also allows provision of addition, deletion, saving and editing options.
  • Bus Stop: Details of each bus stop are handled by this module. It keeps track of arrival and departure of bus at each stops over the entire route.
  • Trip Information: This module manages trip information such as source, destination and total trip details of each bus.
  • Employee Details: This module keeps records of employees in the city bus management such as drivers, conductors and other working staffs.
  • Schedule: It handles schedule (shift details, leave details, etc.) of each employee or working staff.

Here’s a sample screenshot of the proposed system:

City Bus Management System Project in ASP.NET

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With City Bus Management System, route management, bus details, trip information, etc. can be managed effectively through a computerized approach. This project is tested and is ready to be used. The source code file available from the download links consists of debugged file by which this software can be directly executed.



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