Travel Management System Java Project


Developed in Java programming language, Travel Management System is a web-based project or application for travel agencies. The main objective of this project is to create a fast, effective and reliable online working platform to develop a communication system between customers and the agency. After the implementation of this project, one doesn’t need to visit the travel agency office to plan any tour.

The complete source code, database and necessary project files of Travel Management System are available in the download links. We currently don’t have project report and documentation; if found, these will be updated in the download links. To help you understand what the project is about, below is a brief introduction to the project abstract, features and system specifications.

Download Travel Management System Java Project


Download Travel Management System Java Project with Source Code and Database


Travel Management System Project Abstract:

Travel Management System Java Project

The proposed Java project on travel management is an solution to the existing problems regarding cruise management in various travel agencies. It assists in promotion of tourism by providing information regarding different places places, distances and the ways of getting there. This project is beneficial for both travel management agencies and the customers in many ways.

Existing and Proposed System:

In the existing manual system of travel management, much time and money is wasted in reservation of bus or plane to destination, hotel at destination, etc. It involves a lot of manual paper works and the customers need to stay on queue for a long time. To root out such drawbacks of travel agencies, the whole system of management requires to be automated using computer and internet technology.

The addition of this proposed travel management web-based platform in a traveling agency facilitates the features like online ticket booking, online hotel booking, purchasing of travel package online, and much more. It saves time of both the service providers and the customers.

Modules Used:

The proposed project is a four modules system: user module, report module, distance calculator and currency calculator. Each module has certain specific task in appropriately running the application. In order to make the system user friendly, each module is named with its major function and features.


Listed below are the key features of Travel Management System:

  • Programming language: The proposed project has been coded in Java programming language.
  • Security: The system is fully password protected. Only the admin and other authorized users can get access into the database with their registration info (consisting of username and password).
  • Flexibility: The project has been designed in such a way that new features and modules can be added into the system in future as per user requirements.
  • Reliable: In this system, the customers don’t need to pay the amount directly; they can use their credit card. The full payment is done only after getting all the services.
  • Time Saving: The customers need not to visit the travel agency office to purchase any tour package. One can access the travel management office from anywhere using internet.
  • Self-documenting:- All the reserved and booked tickets, rooms and various other related things are added to the database automatically by the software itself.

System Requirements:

1. Hardware Specifications:

  • Hardware     : Pentium-based systems with a minimum of P4
  • RAM              : 256MB (minimum)
  • Keyboard, Mouse

2. Software Specifications:

  • Operating System                 : Windows
  • Technology                            : Core java, Adv Java (JDBC, Servlets, JSP)
  • Web Technologies                : HTML, JavaScript, CSS
  • DE                                           : MyEclipse
  • Web Server                            : Tomcat
  • Database                                : Oracle
  • Software                                 : J2SDK1.5, Tomcat 5.5, Oracle 9i

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This project entitled Travel Management System, developed in Java, is an attempt to computerize the different operations in travel agencies. The project is very flexible and secured; admins can incorporate new features and manage the modules of the system as per requirements. Being a web-based software, it can be accessed from anywhere with internet.



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