Numerical Methods Tutorial using C & MATLAB


This section entitled Numerical Methods tutorial consists of source code of various topics in Numerical Methods using C and MATLAB programming. Numerical Methods or Numerical Analysis is a subject included in all types of engineering curriculum around the world. So, we hope this compilation will help students from different backgrounds and fields. You can go to the link of each topic and sub-topic to view the respective programs in C and MATLAB, along with the algorithm and flowchart of these topics.

Programs written in C and MATLAB are fast and efficient. So, C and MATLAB are the most common languages used in analysis of problems in Numerical Methods. Here, we’ve linked all the Numerical Methods topics we’ve so far discussed in this site.

Each topic is provided with a brief explanation, mathematical derivation, numerical example, source code, and the corresponding sample input/output. The source codes, algorithms and flowcharts have been presented in simple and understandable way as far as possible.

Topics on Numerical Methods:

Numerical Methods Tutorial

Finding the Root of a Nonlinear Function:

Solving Linear Simultaneous/Algebraic Equations:

Interpolation and Curve Fitting:

Numerical Differentiation and Integration:

Solution of Ordinary Differential Equation:

Solution of Partial Differential Equation:

All the source code in C program for the aforementioned Numerical Methods Tutorial are compiled in Code::Blocks IDE using GCC compiler. So, running the program in Turbo C or any other platform may produce errors, and might require some modifications to the code.

You questions and feedback regarding any topics or program, can be brought up to us from the comments or you can drop a mail at [email protected]


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