Online Customer Care and Service Center Project in Java


Online Customer Care and Service Center is a web-based application developed using Java programming language. With a platform of a typical “service center”, this system provides online technical services to its customers on a 24×7 basis. The whole process involves writing large volume of data in registers and preparing several reports daily. This ‘Call Center cum Service Center’ manages all the online queries, all the records of their customers, services details as well as provides technical support.

The basic services include Hardware and Software of a computer. It also maintains database of their employees, employees’ salary, attendance, details of their customers, and many more. Online Customer Care and Service Center application is developed to automate all the office activities of a typical service center.

You can download the full project report, synopsis, documentation, source code and all necessary project files of this project from the download link provided here. You can also refer the description provided below as a general abstract of this project.

Download Online Customer Care and Service Center Project Source Code, Project Report, and Documentation


Download Online Customer Care and Service Center Project in Java with Source Code, Project Report, and Documentation


Project Abstract:

The main objective of this Online Customer Care and Service Center software is to develop an information system to store, maintain, update and process data relating to the shop. It will prepare various reports to aid in smooth and speedy functioning of ‘Service Center’ activities. Below are the objectives and goals of this project/software.


  • Besides these, the software
  • Manage the records of every customer.
  • Manage the records of every employee.
  • Manage the attendance and salary payment of every employee.
  • Duty allocation of employees.
  • Support the duty allocation, salary allocation, attendance and payroll for both day and night shifts.
  • Well customize stock handling with advance feature of controlling and updating stocks.
  • Maintain accounts.
  • Prepare bills for different customers.
  • Generate different kind of necessary reports and queries.


  • Customized reporting facilities.
  • Provision of necessary backups.
  • Authorized entry by password access for security reasons.
  • Provide a simple and easy Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Existing and Proposed System:

Compared to this proposed system, in the present system all the features are performed either manually or with the help of word processor. While providing services to its customers, the present computer service centers generally keep the details of the customers and products in word documents, spreadsheets or paper register, and the management of all records is illegal to some extent.

There are problems relating redundancy of data like customer name and address, details of their account and also allocation of duties to the employees. When a customer takes some kind of services, the charge is calculated manually, and this process is time consuming. Also, regular and overtime duties are not maintained properly. This leads to improper calculation of employees payroll and calculation becomes quite complicated for every employee.

Another problem usually faced by the organization which has been solved in the proposed Online Customer Care and Service Center Project is the frequent complaints by the customers for not getting timely services. This is due to the improper working schedule of employees and the method for keeping the records.

Here, the owner has to keep a watch on everything of their service center at all times. In this case, it is nearly impossible to get the details and records of the status of services when required. All this makes the owner the key person to handle the whole working system, and henceforth the workload is not shared by equally amongst the people running the service center.

In the present system, there are no facilities to properly handle the human resources such as staff information, their attendance and monthly salary records, account handling, customer details, etc.

Now, in this proposed system of Online Customer Care and Service Center Project, there will be a standalone Personal Computer with the required application. And with minor modifications in software, it can also run in network. There is no significant difference between the current system and the proposed design of the system.

The System will generate receipts and produce the required reports. The system will also have features to calculate profit and loss account in addition to the improvements on the features of the current system.


Online Customer Care and Service Center Project
Current Product Availability List
Online Customer Care and Service Center Project
Customer Service Wizard
Online Customer Care and Service Center Project
Customer Information
Online Customer Care and Service Center Project
Employee Payroll
Online Customer Care and Service Center Project
Employee Salary Details

System Specification:

Software Requirements:

  • Windows 98/2000/Xp Operating System
  • Oracle 8.0

System Requirements:

  • Minimum: Pentium 166 (32 MB RAM)
  • Recommended: Pentium 200 (64 MB RAM)
  • Disk Space: 101 MB

Display Properties:

  • Minimum: 800 x 600 (16 Bit)
  • Recommended: 800 x 600 (24 Bit)

For using this Online Customer Care and Service Center software, both the computer user and the service center should be connected to the internet. Before utilizing the facilities provided by the project, the user must be registered to this online software. In addition to that, the software requires regular overview of attendance sheet, duty allocation sheet etc.

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About security, this system allows the users to use their username and password for a comprehensive and multi-level security. It keeps  data secure from unauthorized access, modification or reporting by allowing you to create as many ‘users’ as you wish.

Future application of this Online Customer Care and Service Center Project includes integration with online marketing, customer and human resources management, all by using web-based technology.


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