Life Insurance Management System ASP.NET Project


Life Insurance Management System is a web-based application developed in ASP.NET. It is an online information management and micro insurance analysis system that provides statistics and information related to people and resources involved in insurance. The proposed site is not static; it provides several dynamic facilities including search tools, articles, illustrations, guidelines and images.

Only the project report of this project is available for download at the moment. So, this is just a reference project. The other project files including source codes if found will be updated in the download link.

Download Life Insurance Management System in ASP.NET with Project Report


Download Life Insurance Management System in ASP.NET with Project Report


About Life Insurance Management System:

Modules Overview:

Life Insurance Management System consists of three modules: admin, registered users and public users. The admin module provides access to registered users only and they can log in and manage the other users and articles in the site. The next module gives info regarding the premium details of the users and product details. The public users module produces reports giving details about the insurance along with statistical data.

Programming Environment:

  • Operating System    : Windows
  • Application type       : Web Application
  • Development IDE    : Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 with Dot Net Framework 2.0
  • Development tool    : Visual C#.Net
  • Database                    : Microsoft SQL Server 2000


This system is applicable to only MIRC to provide online services to its member organizations. The three key features of this project are:

  • It allows administrators to provide registration to insured persons with their name, DOB, address of residence, medical history, etc.
  • The website provides various life insurance management facilities like deleting unwanted data of registered users and so on.
  • Through the insurance-related articles in the website, it also aims to create awareness about micro insurance.

Functional Requirements:

1. Product Requirements: This website is an online Micro Insurance Management System that provides the following features in its phase-1.

  • Micro insurance awareness
  • Login to admin members
  • Insured persons’ registrations and management
  • Awareness articles management

The visitor services include articles, about website and contact information. The member services include login, change password, insured registration and management, search for insured persons and article management.

2. User Requirements: The web site provides easy links for easy navigation in the site. A visitor with minimum knowledge of web browsing/surfing can access and roam the site very easily. An online help documentation will be provided to help the users and visitors to use the dynamic facilities provided by the site.

3. Performance Requirements: Under this, each page in the site needs to load in a reasonable amount of time. Also, the latest web techniques like Caching should be implemented to speed up the loading of dynamic pages.

The following four key quality attributes should be maintained in this Life Insurance Management System Project:

  1. Maintainability: The site’s maintainability will depend on clean and easy-to-read pages. Being a dynamic site, we need to generate the dynamic output clean and well formatted.
  2. Availability: The site should be accessible to as many browsers as possible including text browsers.
  3. Reliability: The reliability of the website depends on the web server it will be hosted on as well as on LOGIN mechanisms.
  4. Security: All the necessary steps has been taken to provide security to the site by following the latest technology because all the data of all members are proprietary data of the Client’s Organization and its members.


Life Insurance Management System Project ASP.NET
Home Page
Life Insurance Management System Project
Insurance Articles Page
Life Insurance Management System Project
Sub Products Page
Life Insurance Management System Project
Registration Page

System Specification:

1. Server-side Software Requirements:

  • Operation System   : Windows 2003
  • Web Server               : IIS 6.0(Internet Information Server)
  • Framework               : ASP.NET 2.x frame work enabled
  • Database                   : SQL Server 2000/2005
  • Minimum Space      : 1GB (including Database space)

2. Client-side Software Requirements:

  • Browser      : Any HTML 4.0 or prior version compliant browser with a Minimum Screen resolution of 800X600 pixels.
  • JavaScript : JavaScript should be enabled in the browser.

3. Server-side Hardware Requirements:

  • Processor         : Pentium III
  • Speed                : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory           : 256MB RAM
  • Hard Disk        : 40GB Hard disk with minimum 4GB free space
  • Interface          : Mouse, Keyboard

For the client side, any hardware that can run a web browser will work.

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This Life Insurance Management System in ASP.NET, working under three modules, allows admins to give registration to insured persons with their personal and medical details. It is a web-based project that aims at providing an effective online information management and micro insurance analysis system to provides statistical details and relevant data to people and resources.



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