Jewellery Management System VB.NET Project


Jewellery Management System Project is a web-based software application developed in VB.NET to manage the different transactions and operations that occur in a jewellery shop. This project provides an effective managing platform to any Jewelry Shop for providing fast, reliable and comfortable service to the customers. After the implementation of this project, the manager can keep records regarding monthly and yearly sales and billing details.

You can download the complete source code along with the database files, project abstract and project report form the download links given in the post. The data flow diagrams (DFDs) are also available for download. Below, I’ve briefly introduced the project abstract, features, modules and system requirements with a few sample screenshots of the project.

Download Jewellery Management System Project in VB.NET with Source Code, Database & Project Report


Download Jewellery Management System Project in VB.NET with Source Code, Database & Project Report


Jewellery Management System Project Abstract:

The proposed project on Jewellery Shop Management is the an online application designed to deal with the sales and purchasing process in a Jewelry Shop. It enhances the process of recording details and online order of the jewels. The installation and implementation of the project roots out the possibility of occurrence of errors during transaction process.

The use of internet and computer is rapidly growing day by day. Nowadays people prefer online shopping to traditional manual shopping to save time. The proposed project, being a web-based software, facilitates the jewelry shop to get online orders and sales via internet.


The key features of Jewelry Management System are:

  • The project has been coded in VB.NET in a structured manner.
  • It is designed as a flexible software to enhance the features and modules present.
  • In order to increase the efficiency, data integrity is maintained and redundancy is avoided.
  • It has four interrelated modules to perform certain specific tasks.
  • It provides a much faster, easier and reliable service to the customers.

Modules Used:

Jewelry Shop Management is a four-modules project: employee, customers, supplier and report generation module. Each module has certain specific function and is co-related to one another. The fundamental tasks to be performed by individual modules have been introduced below:

  • Employee Module: This module is responsible for recording the personal details, attendance, address, salary etc. of an employee working in the shop.
  • Customer Module: This module is supposed to update the orders of Jewels in the database and to record details of buyer.
  • Supplier Module: It updates the supplier details, stock details and details to the database. The manger of shop can view the stocks using this module.
  • Report Generation Module: The main function of this module is to perform an analysis of bills to generate the entire transaction process in a report format. It generates sales report, purchase report, bill reports, etc.

Project Screenshots:

Jewellery Management supplier name
Supplier’s Name
Purchase Item in Jewelry Management System
Purchase Item
Items type in Jewellery Shop
Items Type

System Specifications:

1. Technologies Used:

  •  VB 6.0 as front end.
  •  SQL Server as back end

2. Hardware Requirements:

  • Processor – Pentium III or higher version.
  • Hard Disk 500 MB
  • Ram 250 MB.
  • Keyboard
  • Monitor

3. Software Requirements:

  •  Windows 7
  •  Visual studio 6.0
  •  SQL Server

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The proposed Jewellery Management System Project in VB.NET is designed for Jewellery shops to facilitate faster processing time and accurate computation as compared to the existing system. This web-based software can be accessed from anywhere with internet and has a good scope. It is flexible enough to incorporate new features and modules as per the user requirements.


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