Library Automation System VB.NET Project


To computerize the manual library management process in many existing libraries, Library Automation System is proposed. Developed in VB.NET, this automation software gives complete information of data and records in the library with record of books, students, due dates of books, fines, etc. Throughout the project, the main focus has been on presenting information and comments regarding the proposed software in a very understandable manner.

The complete source code, database files, project report, documentation, and other necessary project files of Library Automation system are available in the download links in this post. Here, I’ve briefly introduced the project abstract and system specifications. You can find detailed description of this software in the project report.

Download Library Automation System Project in VB.NET with Source Code, Project Report, and Documentation


Download Library Automation System Project in VB.NET with Source Code, Project Report, and Documentation


Library Automation System Project Abstract:

The main aim of Library Automation System is to provide an effective software platform for easy issuance and receipt of books in any library. Here, we can issue books to students, keep track of their records, check the number of books issued and also record the stock available in the library.

This software also manages the students’ records in the library with info such as the numbers of books issued by each student, fines added into their account, due date of their books, etc.

Library Automation Project system two main entry forms: Books Entry form and Students Entry form. In the former form, books received in the library are entered, while in the Students form new student is entered into the system database.

Other entry like Book Issue form keeps record of issuance and due date for returning a particular book. The fines for late retrieval of books by students are added into their account on daily basis.

Why Library Automation System is necessary?

  1. Time Saver: Compared to the manual system, this proposed Library Automation is a fully computerized system. As computers are the most efficient, fast and accurate means for management of departments like libraries, use of this computerized software can save a lot of time.
  2. Quick Reports: With the computerized system, different reports regarding books, students, issuance, due dates, etc. can be generated. This can be done by use of few keys and steps.
  3. Record of Huge Information: A large amount of information, data, records and details can be added, updated, stored and modified to/from the system database. The data retrieval process is faster; old records in the existing database can be located easily and immediately. This feature is very complicated in case of manual systems.
  4. Economical: Compared to the manual system, this proposed system is economical in every aspect. It provides more functions, requires less manpower and saves time of library staffs.


  • It allows users to take hard copy of the information and data stored in the system database.
  • It can facilitate the new requirements and future enhancements specified by the end user.
  • For each corresponding month and year, this project can provide a graphical view of library data of books and students.
  • The software is simple to understand and use. A person with some basic computer skills can easily use this software.
  • There is provision of navigation tools attached to the system to provide assistance to the user.
  • The processes of data retrieval, manipulation and storage is easy.
  • Overall, the system meets all management requirements of a library and all desires of a common users.

System Specifications:

1. Software Requirements:

  • Front end                :    Visual Basic 6.0
  • Back end                 :    Ms – Access
  • OS Platforms         :     Windows 9x/2000/NT, XP, UNIX, LINUX.

2. Hardware Requirements:

  • Space                  :    Around 500KB
  • Processor           :    PIII or Higher with 1.8 GHZ.
  • RAM                   :     256 Mega Byte.
  • Display              :    32 bit colors.
  • Hard Disk         :     20 GB
  • Monitor             :    Color.


Library Automation System Project VB.NET
Library Automation System Project in VB.NET
Book Record
Library Automation System Project VB.NET
Student Record
Library Automation System Project VB.NET book search
Book Search

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Future improvements that can be done in this Library Automation System Project include making it work together with software likes Online College Management System or University Management System.

According to future requirements, backup of all the records in the database can be incorporated into the system and the provision of printing of list on printer can be added; this could be done by either giving commands directly or by using the command button.



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