Download C# 6.0 Cookbook by Jay Hilyard: Bestseller with 150 amazing recipes!

Do you want to learn C# 6.0 and implement its few features in upcoming projects? If yes, then don’t just waste your time and buy the best seller C# 6.0 cookbook written by Jay Hilyard and make your learning a fun filled experience.

There are many times when we cannot spend time on learning from basics and instead have to jump directly to implementation. During those times, this cookbook can be your best friend and you can take advantage of its 250 ready to serve solutions.

What does C# 6.0 cookbook by Jay Hilyard offers you?

Developers are happy with the introduction of C# 6.0 because now they can easily avoid the boilerplate code. Now anyone can hook in the new compiler called ‘Roslyn’ and update/modify the behaviour of code during compilation. All this sounds interesting isn’t it? Apart from introduction to Roslyn C# 6.0 CookBook by Jay Hilyard covers other important features like:

  • Expression Bodied methods
  • Primary constructors
  • Filtering exceptions
  • Auto Property initializers
  • String Interpolation

Since, this version compiler of C# is now available as – compiler as service, many developers are finding this flexibility very useful. Every developer wants to make language and code lighter and that’s the prime objective of C# 6.0. Now, you can leave conceptual baggage aside and directly step up to improvise everyday coding problems.

Can you take reference from this CookBook?

Yes, definitely. This book is intended to provide solutions (rewritten using C# 6.0 new features) that are commonly asked every time. All levels of coders can benefit from this book. Whether it is LINQ/lambda expressions or dynamic and reflection programming, you can take reference from the examples mentioned in the book and code any complex problem.

So, if your interview is scheduled for tomorrow and you still don’t know new features of C# 6.0 then quickly take help from this CookBook and totally impress your interviewer.

From where should you buy this CookBook?

You can go for kindle edition of C# 6.0 CookBook available on amazon only for $26.99 and switch to text-speech feature on the go. Utilize your travel time in learning more about await keyword and other important features of C# 6.0

With the help of this CookBook you can actually categorize the new features into different levels like:

  • features with syntax manipulation: nameof, string interpolation and expression bodied members can be called as syntactic sugar.
  • hidden gems: some features are totally hidden and you might not know that you have been using them like methods in collection initializers and improved overload resolution.
  • previously surfaced features made cool in this version: parameterless constructors in struts, filters of expressions.

There are some other features that could have been brought out in a better way like getter only properties and use of await keyword.

It is important to explore all these features and then implement them once to clear your concepts. You will make C# 6.0 CookBook by Jay Hilyard your office companion when it will teach you the art of writing less number of lines of effective code. So hurry and buy you buddy now!

Download C# 6.0 Cookbook


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