Learn JAVA REGEX faster than anyone else! Java: Regex Crash Course by EPROGRAMY

Regular expressions, or regex is a powerful tool used in many programming languages for manipulating text and effective search. Most of the programmers spend a lot of time learning regex but fail to implement when asked. Java regex crash course by Eprogramy will teach you everything about regular expressions with examples within 12 hours only.

What are the prerequisites for this crash course?

Since, the tutorial is in JAVA, it is expected that the learner has attained elementary training in that language. Some examples might use jUnit, but one can skip those parts if you want.

What are the major examples covered in this tutorial?

In this 249 pages long course, you will cover many cases where regex is most commonly required:

  • for validating username/password
  • for validating Email address
  • for extracting Color Codes
  • for extracting for Image Files
  • for modifying Time Format
  • for modifying Date Format
  • for extracting HTML Tag
  • for Finding HTML Links
  • for creating URL
  • for validating Phone Number

For extracting proper result, one should know rules for writing regex. In this crash course you will learn about various such rules:

  • regex based on common matching symbols: This type of regex is oftenly used to extract a substring from the end or beginning of a parent string.
  • regex using meta characters: There are places when you need to look for special characters or digits, this is where these types of regex come in use.
  • regex having quantifiers: mostly used when you want to consider the frequency of occurrence of a character/string.
  • regex with negative lookahead: sometimes you need to exclude some patterns in the result and that is where negative look ahead comes in frame.

How much does this course cost?

You can easily get this course worth $9.99 for a discounted price of $3.99 at amazon. So, if you are willing to complete this course today itself then buy the kindle edition and enjoy learning on the go.

Once you finish java regex crash course, you will agree with the fact that regex make your programming very easy and regular expression is indeed the most powerful text processing system.

Why should you buy Java: Regex Crash Course by EPROGRAMY?

You can easily find resources for learning regex on the internet but this course has its own advantages. While learning a new topic, it is essential to go step by step and that is what distinguishes this course from others. This course will enhance your basic knowledge and take you through a practical session after every topic. With the advanced techniques provided by EProgramy you can become a master of the regex world. Buy this book to explore the other side of JAVA and refresh your concepts with the help of quizzes given after each section.

With the help of Java: Regex Crash Course by EPROGRAMY you not only learn how to implement regex but also attain knowledge on how to optimize the performance of regex. One can easily make errors when it comes to regex, so save your time by peeping into a separate section for common mistakes covered in this tutorial.

Java: Regex Crash Course – The Ultimate Beginner’s Course to Learning Java Regular Expressions in Under 12 Hours


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