Are you still struggling with how to bootstrap a spring application? If you are interested in learning the process quickly, then Spring Boot Cookbook by Alex Antonov is the right resource for you. Spring Boot doesn’t automate things for you but it easily finds variables in classpath and configures them for you.

What should you know before you buy this book?

This book is based on spring boot and person buying this is expected to have essential knowledge about Spring applications. This book will guide you on how to make use of spring boot in your existing enterprise application.

What does this book offers you?

Spring Boot is written in groovy to make spring setup and configurations very simple. One has to go through a lot of fuss to create a scalable enterprise application, and that is when you will realize that Spring Boot Cookbook by Alex Antonov containing only 189 pages is exactly what you need. This book starts with basic introduction and takes you through the depth of Spring Boot, also covering up the configuration of third party frameworks. So, most of the elements which are covered in early chapters include:

  • how to create and add PropertyEditors.
  • working of custom Servlet Filters
  • coding for interceptors, formatters and converters for a web spring boot app.

Since, the book has a lot of demos(with output), you will be intrigued at many places. In no time , you will start the complete development cycle including testing as well as product demo.

Part II offers details on topics like:

  • details on static asset paths
  • custom routing patterns and rules around them
  • enabling SSL
  • enhancing servlet container and connectors

The rest of pages will cover up details on:

  • Monitoring data using JMX and HTTP ( using Dashing, Graphite and DropWizard)
  • implementation of self starting docker containers and executables.
  • Testing spring boot apps using different strategies.

35 recipes inside the book actually converts you from a newbie to a pro.

How much does the kindle version of book costs?

You can easily learn spring boot while travelling from one place to another by buying Spring Boot Cookbook by Alex Antonov Kindle Edition from Amazon for only $22.99. So, learn on the go and implement once you reach your workstation.

What will you achieve once you complete this book?

Once you complete the book, you will know how to:

  • Code, deploy and test spring boot application from scratch
  • tune web containers and applications.
  • create self starting execs, and docker containers.
  • monitor data using different tools

After going through all the examples and topics explained in the book, you will be hubristic about Spring boot. So, if you are looking for a practical guide to all your problems related to spring boot then let Alex Antonov help you using his remarkable 12 years of experience in building enterprise applications. Using the text to speech service with the kindle edition, you can always enjoy classroom training type environment on the go.



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