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NetPod is an intranet-based client application software built using ASP.NET, AJAX web technologies, C#.NET language, and SQLServer database. Its main aim is to provide a platform for sharing files among various departments of a company by connecting them via a dedicated Local Area Network (LAN).

You can download the complete source code, database, project synopsis, and other necessary project files of Netpod from the link below. Here, the project has been introduced briefly; refer the project synopsis in download file for detailed description.

Download NetPod ASP.NET Project with Source Code and Project Synopsis

NetPod Project Abstract:

Netpod ASP.NET Project

File sharing is a very important tool for all companies. For proper functioning of a company, required information has to be passed from one branch or department to the other so that these branches and departments can stay updated with the latest information about the company’s working.

Existing System:

The existing system is very tedious and time taking. Files in general, whether it’s music files (.mp3), movie files (.mp4), text files (.txt), documents (.doc), or any other, take a long time to download. In the current system, files are not shared and only one user is permitted to access a particular file at a time.

Proposed System:

The proposed NetPOD software is built as a intranet-based file sharing client application providing support for group-related operations and maintenance as well. With the feature of creation and addition of groups, a user can create a user-specific group where files will be shared among them. The application resides in the system tray for easy access to the common features of the software.

With netpod, files are copies to the user’s local system from which they have logged in to the network. The software additionally acts as a spy which closely observes all the copied files and sends emails automatically to the users associated. Who can/cannot view files can also be done by blocking certain users of the system.

Key Features:

  1. Netpod is organized and the shared files can be accessed by users from anywhere.
  2. The application provides a convenient platform for storing and managing any kind of files.
  3. Every user associated with Netpod gets a refreshed set of their shared files and private files.
  4. With netpod, information in the form of shared files can reach out to an individual as well as a group of people.
  5. The use of intranet as the source of the files has increased the mobility of users. Users need not go to or be in office to have the information; they can access files from anywhere as long as they are connected to the intranet.

Modules Overview:

Netpod is a three-modules project. Here’s is a brief introduction of each of these modules:

  1. Admin: Admin has total control over the entire features and modules of the application. They can manage user details and the files uploaded by the users. They can edit user profiles, accept/reject user, manage departments, add or modify existing departments, etc.
  2. User: Users of the software are required to register first; based on this they will get a unique user-id. They can log in to the system using this user-id and then they can upload, share, and download files. The access to users is restricted to some extent, but they can edit their profile and details.
  3. Automated Mailing: Files are uploaded on a periodic basis by users and all the details associated with these files are sent automatically via mail to corresponding users.

System Environment:

  • Hardware                    :       20GB Hard disk with 256MB RAM
  • Languages                   :
  • Web Technologies      :, AJAX
  • Database                      :      Sqlserver 2005
  • Web server                  :      IIS

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Netpod provides a very effective intranet-based file sharing platform through which users can log in to the system, upload files, and share them. The proposed application is very user-friendly and flexible from all aspects. New features, modules, and components can be added as per user requirements in future.


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