Interested in WordPress and related plugin? Working with WordPress for a long time and want to enhance its functioning? Well, those who are using WordPress, they will be delighted to know that this new and amazing plugin for WordPress is just what they are looking forward to making it the best. Yes! We are talking about Solr, an interesting WordPress plugin.

Web hosting and internet business needs proper attention, as well as needs you to be updated. It is important as the technology and facilities these days is increasing so you need to be in step with them to make your name in today’s market. If not, then you won’t be able to keep with the current competitive world.

Let’s start with the basic, and give you a brief introduction of what WordPress is. Then we can move forward to this amazing plugin that makes it the best web hosting site than its competitors.

WordPress a full content management system

WordPress is one of the most used and popular blogging system on the web which also offer a full content management system. It provides you unrestricted experiences and offers various templates as well as themes, to shape a simple website, any kind of blogs, any business sites, and even applications, furthermore you can certainly extend or alter the WordPress code just the way you like. It means to use it for commercial websites without worrying about any licensing fees. Isn’t this amazing?

WordPress CMS and Solr SearchIf you want to get the whole features that this amazing web hosting site WordPress offers, you need to pick a potential host that delivers high-quality backing of WordPress, and permits you to install WordPress with no trouble.

WordPress is one of the best and is widely used by people due to its simplicity as well as well as the user experience it provides to the people who are using it. The user-friendly interface allows you to program with ease and make a site that is just the way you want it to be. You don’t have to learn a lot if you want to use it for making a simple site.

The benefits of using WordPress is not just limited to these few things and its simplicity, you can also use the themes you like. It provides some default themes to make your site one of a kind, but you can use your own too. Just you have to upload it and make it fit according to your taste. Not just this, with this interface, you will be able to extend features and usage with the help of numerous plugins like the one mentioned above Solr.

These plugins will help you to add complex galleries to your site, helps to add social media widgets as well as social networks & forum, add calendars, and allows you to have spam protection and a lot more. A complete package.

One of the plugins we are discussing here is a new one and is beneficial in a lot of ways. It is a powerful search plugin that is specially designed for WordPress. You can now with the help of this interesting plugin, add or remove the default WordPress Search without any problem.

Why install Solr plugin to WordPress?

You might want to know more about this amazing plugin to make it a part of your WordPress. Well, as mentioned, it is a search plugin for WordPress. It is a standalone search server, which overpowers the boundaries of the default search widget in the WordPress. By aligning Solr and installing this interesting plugin to your WordPress, you can take benefit of its several advantages. Here are a few reasons that will help you know why we are recommending it to be a part of your WordPress. You can choose it for the following mentioned reasons.

  • It will help with index pages as well as posts for faster search
  • With the help of Solr, you can enable faceted search on fields like tags, categories, page type, and author.
  • You can use this plugin for indexing and faceting on fields either normal or custom.
  • Solr configuration options will help you choose the pages that you want to ignore, any features that you want to enable or disable, as well as what type of results you want to have as the output.
  • With the help of this plugin, you can sort the things based in the time and number of reviews and comments.
  • Use it to highlighted context snippets as well as you will also get the spelling suggestions.
  • The auto-complete suggestions for concluding user questions is also very helpful in this plugin as it offers a suggestion to the queries.
  • Last but not the least, you can allow configuration of the top results you want, intervening the default categorization.

These are just a few things this plugin offers you and are the reasons that Solr should be a part of your WordPress settings. A few features of this plugin are

Features of Solr

Here are some important and main features that should be highlighted.

  • Faster Search: with the help of indexing, Solr helps you get faster search results.
  • Broad matching: the Text analysis in this plugin helps to break down phrases, to individual words helping in a useful search.
  • Shortcode: it uses a Shortcode to show the search box.
  • Emphasis Text: the plugin highlighted search words in the content.

It also offers you with theme upload and a lot many features that you might want to enjoy and add to your web hosting site WordPress.

The default search that is available in the WordPress you are using without this plugin doesn’t offer the best search experience. It is very important to attract the users to the site. The search experience default in WordPress doesn’t offer any search phrases, catchy typos as well as doesn’t work well with word variation, doesn’t filter and organize the search results as well as the index documents for your visitors. This Solr is a free as well as an open-source option which does all this without any charge and complications.

Prerequisites for installation of Solr plugin in WordPress

Well, this plugin can be installed just like any other. The guide will be provided when you select to choose it from the site. But there are a few things that you should look for before you start installing it to your system.

Replace Solr Search with WordPressThe first thing is simple, that is, you should have WordPress installed and configured in your system. If not, then install it first. Solr is to be installed on the same server on which you installed your WordPress; nonetheless, Solr can be installed on another server if there are any security or any scalability issues. Solr requires simple installations and once the process is completed, you can have all the advantages of this plugin for WordPress without extra money and worry.

Solr is a wonderful plugin that you should add to your web hosting site as it allows you to avail a number of things that are not so much fun in the default WordPress. The user experience is what we all want to give to the users and with the help of Solr, you will be able to make it better for them as well as for your website. The web will be easier to manage. Apache Solr is the foremost open source full-text Search Engine. There is no question on this.

The standard WordPress search uses SQL queries for searches like many of the search plugins we have these days. Nevertheless, when we talk about the SQL, let’s say that it is awfully greedy, particularly when it comes to table joins and wild cards things that are used by search. Not just this particular thing is lacking in the default SQL, but this can’t keep up with the language as well. Means it can’t keep with language plurals, synonyms and more.

We know most of you WordPress users are tired of these issues so what to do now when you have a simple solution that can solve all these problems with additional features? Well, what we can say is that it’s time for a change. What else?

Now it’s time for you to replace the old methods as well as the sluggish and inflexible SQL search with the world’s best open source search engine Apache Solr which not only gives you easy to use features but also provides you with the powers to make the leading internet websites. What else you require from a simple plugin?

Now use this amazing plugin to change the user experience in WordPress and enable a fast search facility that will help you do your job well. It’s time for something new for making your work easier, install and configure this wonderful plugin to your WordPress and avail all the advantages that come with the installation of this plugin. Now, keep up with the technology and its need to have a web hosting experience that can give interesting sites for the users with customized themes and features that can bring a lot of change to the web experience. Make a change now and install Solr.


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