What is the argument of main() method in Java?


Java’s Argument of Main Method

Java Command-Line Arguments

A Java application accepts some arguments from the command line which allows users to define configuration information upon the launch of the application.

The user enters command-line arguments while requesting the application and identifies the arguments after the name of the class chosen to run.

Once launched, the application’s main method receives the command-line arguments from the runtime system by way of “Strings.”

The Echo command-line arguments display each word on a line by itself. Echo can expand file names on the command-line and always returns the status value.

The Argument of String Array in Main Method

There is a difference between “argument” and “parameter.” Whatever appears in the definition of the method is a parameter. The argument is the instance which is passed to the method while run time is taking place.

If value is passed during run time, it will be populated in “String args []” in the form of an argument. If you do not pass anything it will be empty.

String args[] simply means “an array of things.” In other words, during the argument of main method the user can pass numerous strings. In plain English, this is a way to pass any information while running the Java program. Any data you wish to pass can be passed directly by simply writing the information after the name of the class.

This ”passing” is also valuable because you can pass as many arguments as you wish and every one of them will be saved inside the args[] array.

If this String args[] is not inside the main method, the program will compile but JVM (Java virtual machine) will be unable to run because JVM only runs on a main method with this type of argument inside it. Still, the user still has the option of passing an argument.

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