What is the access scope of a protected method in Java?


Java Provide four types of access modifier and they are listed in different categories as per their functioning.Class,Constructors and other types of of method use the access modifier to set a particular level.If nothing is selected java by default produces a value where there is no requirement of modifiers.There is a protected types of modifier is used which helps to hide all data apart from the subclasses and package.

Protected Class Does not share any information to the user and whenever the user demands firstly the data get stored in the superclass which is protected and to check the data the power of accessing it is being given to the subclasses of the packages.Whenever the user declares a variable it goes to store in the superclass by default hence it is safe that it cant be shared in any way.Protected act as a by default value of the program.The main importance of the protected modifier is that it privacy has been restricted so that the information cannot be shared.The user doesnt has the right to set the file name as new x method because as the function x has been Protected.It acts as a default package.

Protected doesnt has any right to provide the data to a class or a Interface.In the class method and field are been protected wuth the command while Interface is not protected for class and methods.Protected Modifier help to provide access to the modifier with the help of helper method or it can be used for a variable too.

Protected Access Modifier uses one of the parent folder which helps to override the child class with the help of special types of command called as the openspeakermethod.The main disadvantages of the method is that if we declare this as private then we cant access any other class apart from the normal audio player.Once the methods are being declared as protected then we can use the superclass.It can be accessed from the package.


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