What is a frame layout in android? And when to use it?


Frame layout is the simple layout representation used to organise the control within the user interface of android application. When we want to display a single item on the display and block out the other items then frame layout tool is used. Sometimes it is difficult to organize child views in a way that is scalable to different screen sizes without the children over lapping each other, in that case the frame layout is used a it can hold a single child view and can block the other view.

However, in this you can also add multiple children using frame layout and also control their position within this by simply assigning the gravity tags to each child. In this child view are drawn in the stack with the feature of stack the recently added is on the top and also last one added is removed from the top. The size of the frame layout depends on the size of its largest child whether it is visible or not.

Using different tags in frame layout you can also determine whether to measure all the children or just those that are in the visible or in the invisible state when measuring. These can be simply defined within the XML layout resources and in Java’ s for programmatically application. Understanding layout and when to use these layouts is important for good android application design. When this layout is used correctly, it becomes the fundamental layout in which many interesting android application user interfaces can be designed.

  • When the child content is too large to draw within the bounds of the layout, it uses the view scroll view to organise the control within the interface.
  • When we need a frame around underlying views for our interface, then frame layout provides the foreground draw able facility in addition to the normal background. this task is done with the help od XML’ s attributes.
  • If multiple child view occurs within the frame layout then they are drawn in such a order such that the last one child view on the top , which is done using the frame layout.
  • Frame layout are the normal layout of choice especially when you want to use the overlapped view of the design.

Thus, the efficiency and the requirement of the frame layout makes it better choice for the screens that contains few control view and also sometimes the other inefficient layout designs can be reduced to a frame layout design that is more efficient. This also greatly simplifies the UI design process and organizes the much of the static creation and layout of user interface.


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