Learning C Programming is not a difficult task. Open Google and search. However being an expert at it is difficult. The best guidance one can use to learn C language is through K. N. King C Programming: A Modern Approach. As if the first edition was not a masterpiece in itself, the writer published the second one too.

About the book: A Modern Approach, 2nd Edition
By: K. N. King

C Programming: A Modern Approach approaches the concept differently. Not only does the book describe the logics of C programming, the methodology, it also provides exercises. These chapter end exercises are key takeaways as these help in guessing as to whether the user has even understood all that was explained in the chapter.

The book starts off with a brief description about the language and who all need it, why is important nowadays and about the changing landscape of technology. It then moves on chapters which each cover in detail certain aspects about C Programming. The step by step notation in every chapter facilitates the user to replicate all the coding and learn the art. This comprehensive explanation makes coding understandable and also conveys the logic behind performing a certain operation.

Download: C Programming: A Modern Approach, 2nd EditionĀ  By: K. N. King

King explains the theory concept of performing a task, he then presents the coding. After this, he mentions examples and then applies that coding on these examples. The best thing here is that these examples are real life situations that are used. These may be about a certain company or a person. However these help in understanding the concept behind the coding. This facilitates the user and one can easily set up coding using these examples for their own work.

Why should we have this book ?

For starters, this is a perfect guide to learning C Programming. The technique of the book is not such that the person may read it and learn C Programming, but rather apply every example, every code and then learn. This required effort on the readers part makes learning C Programming worthwhile and engaging.

The chapter end questions are a great help too. These questions include short questions based on simple coding and then deriving the answer. There are also many long case studies. These again help in solving real problems and trying to find the solution. This makes the concept clearer and enables the reader to identify faults in their coding, if any. Moreover, it also gives the reader an idea as to how much knowledge were they able to grasp from the particular chapter.

Even though the book is priced at $92.95, it is cheap for many; however it is a great investment if one really wants to learn C Programming. Since there are major differences between the first and second edition, it is recommended that the user purchases the second edition. This holistic book is a good guide for starters. However one should not expect miracles out of the book, effort and hard work is also required from the users end only then will the book be more beneficial.


It is a must buy book if one wants to learn C Programming in an all-inclusive way and wants to get a good grip on it.

Download: C Programming: A Modern Approach, 2nd EditionĀ  By: K. N. King





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