BigData Hadoop Project – Business insights of User usage records of data cards


Bigdata Project on Business insights of User usage records of data

Some information on a BigData Hadoop Project – Business insights of User usage records of data cards

Software requirement and operating system required for Business insights of User usage records of data cards

The operating system used is Linux. The technology used is Hadoop version 1.1.2 , and Hive, Sqoop tools are used with Hadoop. The tool used for reporting is Tableau. mySQL is used for the database for storing data, and the JDK 1.16 or higher version of Java is used for scripting.

Hardware used

Each cluster consists of five nodes or machines. Each node has an Intel processor with processor speed 2.5 Ghz or above, Eight GB or more memory and a hard disk capacity of 500 GB or more for storing data.

Project description

The aim of the project is to get insights into the records of the data of current users for business purposes. These insights are then used to take suitable actions to help the business grow

Parameters which are considered

  1. For every time slot the user count, data uploaded and downloaded
  2. The contribution of each area to the overall business
  3. In areas where the business does not have a service tower, it has to depend on partners for getting network data

How Hadoop can help in getting insights

Earlier the data was analyzed using technologies for warehousing data, which were taking up more resources. Now Hadoop and Hadoop echo technology can help in analyzing the data more quickly and efficiently, so that a decision can be take by the business to improve efficiency, optimize use of resources, leading to increased profit.

Data transfer and user information

Resources are required for every user who is connected to the system, for providing information which the user is requesting. Using Hadoop, it is possible to find out at what time of the day, a higher number of users are connected to the system, when more data is downloaded from and uploaded to the system. If the system is overloaded, it could make it slow. So this information, is used to enhance the system if it is overloaded, by adding hardware and increasing bandwidth. On the other hand, if part of the system is underutilized, it could be moved elsewhere.

Business data for each area

The area wise information on the sales, can help in taking the right decision for investing resources to increase sales

Tower installation

In areas where the business is using the network of a partner extensively, it is advisable to increase the owned tower installations, to reduce dependence on the partner.


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