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    ShikhaTan Member

    Hey, so quick question about the Code Academy website


    which I’m sure many will know.

    I’m pretty much a newbie at coding, except for basic html 4, but wanted to get into it as I’m going off to do this as a uni/college (whatever you wanna call it) degree.

    Java and C# seem like good languages to learn for coding games (I’ve heard of a couple extra like Unity for creating games but I think C++ would escape my understanding just for now).

    So has anyone had much experience with this site? It seems well laid out and paced, but just how far will it actually take me? I don’t feel like I’m learning enough…?

  • codewithc
    CWC Keymaster

    What I find with codeacademy is that you can just step through their questions without any effort as you’re spoonfed, especially on their github one, that was really easy just because of how you were given the answer. Apart from that it’s a great site, the javascript tutorial was great. — Existing developer.

  • codewithc
    CWC Keymaster

    Codeacademy can be great. But their use of different authors to cover different sections means the difficulty and understanding can vary greatly.

    In the javascript tutorial I found myself breezing along then suddenly I was dumped into the middle of a problem by an entire different author. I had no real understanding of what I was supposed to do it was just like I was dumped there, I’ve had some minor programming experience in the past, but the problem just came on too strong and too soon.

  • codewithc
    CWC Keymaster

    You might want to check these too (some are not free, but just to let you know)

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