Update/Delete info in XML document via PHP

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    Update/Delete info in XML document via PHP

    This is what I got so far

    my .xml document

    and here i got my file which i want to run to delete my database entries and cleaning the xml entries but im have problem with my xml deletion part

    I get the following error message:

    can someone help me find a solution and edit the code for me please im a beginner and is strggling to solve the problem as far as I can see the problem must be

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    What happens if you use:

    It maybe 0 indexed so 0,1,2 not 1,2,3. Not sure – haven’t used this myself.

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    If we take a look at this line:

    You’re trying to fetch the third item of a list, a list which we just determined was empty. Thus it returns null, and it results in you trying to pass null to a method which expects an object.

    How to solve it involves some basic logic, which I am sure you can figure out on your own if you just think about it. There are many ways to test for what you want, after all.

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    Just add:


    and it will save back to the file.

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    I found the solution but there’s something else that is bugging me now

    This delete each record as I refresh it each time, isn’t there a way to delete all at once or create a table where I can tick off to delete each record? and after I deleted all the records isn’t there a way to tell me there are no more records and link me back to the index? in place of getting the error

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