• Transfer WordPress database to a different location

    ShikhaTan Member

    How to transfer WordPress database to a different location

  • Ganesh Member

    It sounds like you have fields in the database containing links to the previous address. Unfortunately it won’t be a simple matter. You will need to manually search each field and look for the old link, and update any address to the new link, or use a relative link so that should you move it in future, you will retain navigation.

  • Abhey Member

    There are references to URLS embedded in some of the tables. You need to look at, for example, the table wp_comments and the field within comment_author_url. Additionally, if URLS are in any of the post_content fields of the wp_posts table, you’ll need to perform update queries to pluck out sub stings and the like.

  • Adan Member

    You can set up wp several different ways, but the main thing they addesss is moving a current install to a new server, not the format you selected in that install

  • Abhey Member

    Here’s the best way to do it :

    Install a fresh copy of WordPress on your new server. This will ensure all your settings are proper!

    Then, overwrite everything under the wp-contents folder, so that your skin and plugins are transferred.

    Overwrite your database with your database back up from the old WordPress.

    Activate all plugins.

    Then you’re good. That’s the easy, headache-free, guaranteed way if you don’t want to mess around with the setting files to change the database name, absolute path of the blog files’ location, etc.

  • Adan Member

    THe permalink paths can be modified from queries (?p=xx) to a path structure (domain.com/date/post-title) by modifying the htaccess file.

    Set the permission of the htaccess file to 777 and then chang ethe permalink structure, and WOrdpress’s admin panel will automatically re-write the .htaccess file so that the path urls work.

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