• Suggestions for a Data Structures project in C

    CatheriBurbank Member

    My Data Structures course instructor has told my class to make a project.

    The project should make use of 3 to 4 data structures and it should implement a (close to) real-time application and it should be coded in C.

    The project should not be very big.

    Please suggest me some small projects.

  • Amit Member

    Make a Calculator that accepts different inputs like polish notation, reverse polish notation, normal notation. You could support parentheses and the basic operations like plus, minus, multiply, divide, maybe even mod and pow. This will cause you to use a couple basic data structures like the stack and bonus points for parsing.

  • Gallard Member

    You could also go with AST (Abstract Syntax Trees) where you’ll use… Well… Trees. Trees are quite interesting, and there is a variety of them. Look them up, see what they are used to do and maybe you’ll find some ideas to… Borrow.

  • SapnaVishwas Member

    Singly/doubly linked lists, Treque, Deque, Queue.
    Red-Black tree.

    Also, check out my professor’s textbook.
    It’s free.


    There are examples in Java, and C++.
    That may give you ideas.

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