Starting with C#?

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    I’m looking to start a bit of game developing and was wondering is C# the best language to start with? I’ve heard that C# is much more simpler than C++ and C++ should not be the first language to start with. I’m a complete beginner, so would like some advice. How long would it take to start developing a small/simple game or app? Are there any eBooks you guys would recommend?

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    C# is a pretty good starting language for game development.
    Look into OpenTK:

    If you decide that you don’t like it, give Python a try.

    Also, don’t worry about the graphics too much. A good game doesn’t need good graphics, just good game play. The graphics can come later.

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    Like I said in your other post you should give XNA and Riemers’ tutorials a try. They’re quite easy and you get a playable game at the end which is probably the most interesting to you.

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