• Source code and Version control management?

    Adelaid Member

    I am looking for some kind of software or system to help store and manage my source code as well as version control. We would use it to manage, store and control our MS Access, Excel Spreadsheets, Documentations etc. Anyone have any experience or recommend anything or have anything I could use/try out?

  • Amit Member

    The file types you mention sound like big binary blobs to me.
    Sorry, I am not aware of any revision control system that can handle them well.

    Usually revision control systems work on text files, where they can analyse and store line-based differences.
    They can store binary files like that, but the repository will grow big and ugly fast.

    Which one to choose is a question of personal taste: for me Git is the king.

  • Abhey Member

    Most SCCS/RCS systems handle any file type, although sometimes you have to tell it that your file is binary. For text files, the system typically stores the changes, while for binary files, it assumes the entire file has changed. One of the easiest systems to use is CVS and that assumes that everything is text. However, you can use -kb to tell it to not normalize line endings and to not expand keywords, for a specific file, and you can use the CVSWrappers file to specify which files should be treated as binary by default.

    So you can use CVS, RCS, SVN. git, etc., etc. My personal choice would be to use Subversion (svn) – it’s easy to set up and easy to manage, very reliable and easy to use.

  • Amit Member

    You can use SVN or GIT

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