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    I have a small project that I am working on for a school project.

    Problem: Need to enter data into centralize database.

    Small lab based company receives samples on day to day bases, with the samples there is other clinical information attach. (UID, Site ID, Study ID, Technician information, Shipping date, etc).

    Data is entered by admin once they receive the sample (check in and check out option needed here! or Bar code that reads all the information attach.) Then scientist runs it lab (Analysis information need here.) Then Data manger logs the sample and connects all the information in the database.

    Final data should have all the information and modification details attach at one place.

    For example: If I want to look at a sample that came 3 weeks ago, and wanted to find out its UID, Site, Study, Technician information, Lab analysis date, modification details. All the log history that I can find regrading this sample.

    Security: Password protected, user based, etc.

    Any suggestions? Software? any software that is already available?

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    You can go with Visual Studio – .NET with a database.

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